Confused Love Poetry

I guess that I’ll never understand you,

Yet you seem to understand me better than anyone,

And I know things will never be the same again,

I know now I got to stop holding on,

We are from two different worlds,

Like men are from earth and women from venus,

And all this time I thought I needed you,

But when we’d fight, really I was fighting my inner demons,

I owe you so much it’s all because of you I am who I am,

You pushed me with tough love,

But your my greatest weakness,

You knew how to leave my head so fucked up,

But just know I’ll always appreciate you,

And I’ll always be there for you,

Maybe times come when I’ll start to be distant,

But never in my life will I ignore you,

I guess I’ll never understand why certain things happened,

There’s certain questions that you’ll never answer,

And maybe it’s just to protect me,

Maybe you’re right and I’m just a hopeless romantic,

I’m not happy all my life I’ve been unhappy,

And you know there were times when you made me so depressed,

But you were worth all the pain,

Cos with you were the only times I truly felt happiness,

I changed so much of who I am for you,

And I never put anything above you,

But as much as I try and believe I try,

I think I’m cursed the rest of my life to love you.


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