15 Minutes

Your eyes taught me the beauty of blue,

Like the Mediterranean Sea so beautiful,

Your dreams represent the dreams of mankind,

And it would be a dream come true if you were mine,

You may come from a land with so much pain,

Yet your heart is so pure like it’s never been stained,

Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest mango,

After chatting to you anything is easy to handle,

Whenever I’m in Wood Green I wait in anticipation,

For just fifteen minutes to walk you to your station,

I know we grew up in different cultures but we’re from one nation,

I’ve never met anyone like you, you are amazing!

I know I’ve had a far from perfect past,

But I’m hoping you’ll still give me a chance,

To prove to you that I can be so good for you,

Because I can see myself falling in love with you!



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