It Hurts To Know

Its strange how memories still haunt me,

And how everywhere I go memories of you taunt me,

Cos it seems like I have a memory of us being there together,

And these memories will linger there forever,

I remember so many things some good and some bad,

Like your face wen you’re mad or your voice when you’re sad,

Your smile when you thought I would say something cheesy,

Or your smile when you were feeling like being cheeky,

You had such a beautiful smile but underneath there,

Was a pain in your eyes that you’d never share,

To be honest today I doubt that you even care,

But let me still remind you of some things I remember,

I remember you’d call me four five times a day,

I remember our conversations and things you’d say,

I remember your voice when you’d sing and hit the deep notes,

I remember early morning waiting with you in Heathrow,

I remember a time when I kept my phone,

On loudspeaker all night cos you said you didn’t want to be alone,

I remember how we used to playfight in your yard…….,

Oh wait I remember you “don’t live in a yard” you “live in a home”,

I remember when you’d lie with legs on my lap whilst we watched telly,

Or when we’d lie on your bed with my head on your belly,

I remember when we used to hug,

The really long ones, the ones I used to love,

I remember when you’d hit me in the most painful spot,

But the painful memories and heartache I also never forgot,

How I’d beg when I’d pray that these feelings would stop,

Now that think about it you really used to put me down a lot,

But you want to know what really stings?

That when its comes to you I remember so many things,

Like the day I fell in love or when we first met,

But you’ll probably never remember these things I’ll never forget.



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