In the time of Noah Allah used rain to wash away evil,
For the next flood I believe He’ll use the tears of our people,
I seek refuge with The Almighty against the most deceitful Iblis,
Sometimes life might seem hard but don’t ever lose your belief,
Allah gives His toughest jobs to His toughest soldiers,
You don’t need to carry your burden alone, put it onto His shoulders,
I know that life isn’t always a bed of roses,
But we Muslims in the West have to follow the example of Moses,
For here in the house of Pharaoh we have a responsibility,
To fight for our Ummah abroad trapped in Slavery,
O Allah You never lost faith in me even when I lost faith in You,
And I know how blessed I am and so I pray to You,
For our little brothers who like David throw stones at Goliath tanks,
For our Ummah who have become slaves to the western banks,
For our brothers who like Cain and Abel fight there brothers,
Don’t you know Allah made us into tribes not to fight but to know one another,

The Most Beneficient listens to every single prayer
The All Knowing listens to every single word,
The Most Merciful wiped every single teardrop,
Even when we feel alone I know He hears us,
So pray for the street kids of Indonesia and Bangladesh,
For those in Niger many of whom starve to death,
Spare a thought for them next time you complain,
Spare a thought for them next time you say God’s name in vain,
And remember how blessed you are you ought to,
Think to yourself what if it was your son or daughter,
Struggling in vain to find clean water,
Who like the Rohingya were being slaughtered,
The Watchful sees every trial,
The Most Glorious runs alongside us every mile,
The Most Kind sees every tear and every smile,
Know that Allah is there with every single child,

Sometimes we might not get everything we want to,
Or may be depressed over the things that we’ve gone through,
Sometimes we think Allah has forsaken us or is mad at us,
But sometimes we may love something that is bad for us,
And Allah know this though we do not,
So keep your faith in His plan and don’t ever stop,
And remember all the good things in our lives we’ve got,
And fight for our brothers and sisters being shot,
Who were victims of civil war in Syria a nation in crisis,
Or for the victims of Israel which spreads like a virus,
And tries everything it can to divide us,
Like in Somalia some are kids when they’re trained to be fighters,
But through it all Allah is beside us so let’s make a pact,
That we won’t just talk about these problems we’ll act,
For the victims in Afghanistan and Iraq,
For the children of all nations across the map,


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