Born in Jamaica he came to London by boat,

A generation who came to a city of hope,

But discrimination infected it like a virus,

On the shops they wrote no dogs, no blacks, no Irish,


He got a job in his first week and then became a chef,

He lived in one room, but for his family a 4 bedroom house he left,

He came from a generation where you showed each other respect,

But to todays generation respect means means your cred,


He had a happy life so we should celebrate that,

He was a man of God, so to God he will go back,

He lost his parents when he was young,

But was still a family man for his wife, daughters and son,


When Clim fell ill he looked after her still,

And raised his grandkids as well when Sheila was killed,

So his house was always a busy home,

And he was at peace before he died for he never died alone,

RIP Samuel Sterling (1927-2012)


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