On a cold March morning she sat in the park,
Picked a flower and started plucking petals,
He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me
He loves me not is how it ended but her heart was a rebel,

She felt the flower smelt as sweet as his words,
But the plants that would represent him would more likely be nettles,
For he would sting her heart, like many before him,
Change up his behaviour like Dr Hyde and Mr Jekyll,
Been searching for so long, but she’d never give up,
Been searching for so long and never lost hope,
For what could be better in this life then being in love,
Long hugs, strolling by the river and reading love notes,
He seemed to be a hero like Achilles,
But was more likely her Achilles heel,
He promised her love and stole her heart,
What more precious an item could he steal,
It felt like she was going out of her mind,
She was searching for love, but love is blind,
It’s something if search for you will never find,
You have to just wait, cos love comes with time,
Late at night she lay awake in her bed,
Her head started to drift to sweet memories,
Feeling alone she knew she must sleep,
Instead of staying up listening to sad love melodies,
She remembered when she first met her ex,
He seemed to speak away her pain like her remedy,
But he ended up being more pain in the end,
Still she kept searching, where does she find the energy,
She got up and looked out the window,
At the street below, but looking more at her reflection,
Would the person opposite always stay single,
Was happy endings in love just a Hollywood invention,
Her heart was broken into a thousand pieces,
It almost stopped beating needing a ressurection,
She had suffered a lovesickness so bad,
A sickness that couldnt be fixed with an injection,
It felt like she was going out of her brain,
She was searching for love but love is pain,
Her tears ha fallen before like rain,
But no amount of tears could put out ht flame,
A lone tear rolled out her eye,
She was alone here trying not to cry,
Put the phone to her ear, once again to try,
On unknown number hoping he’d pick up this time,
His answer phone message reminded her of his voice,
And it sent a shiver running down her spine,
And now even though she knew she wasn’t his choice,
She felt like leaving a message shouting down the line,
You see the pain was a deep burning in her heart,
A none stop burning, burning like the fires of hell,
Nothing could put out the fire that was burning,
Not even all the rivers, lakes and oceans in the world,
The fire made it easy for her heart to melt,
She told herself that love was a type of mental health,
But was it love or lack of love that she wanted to feel,
Did she want to fall in love or just to love herself,
It felt like she was going out of her head,
She was searching for love, but she was misled,
She was searching for love to heal her heart that bled,
But it was love for herself that she needed instead,



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