I don’t believe in Karma, we make our own justice,

Raise our arms with a clutched fist,

No longer will our enemies keep us down and drugged with

This material crap that for years we’ve lusted,


In a society where kindness has become a burden,

WHere family and health is replaced with wealth earning,

Forgot that mankind is one, regardless of race,

As confirmed by God’s final prophets final sermon,


The leaders treat the world like a chessboard,

Its time that both the black and the white pawns,

Stop fighting each other and get together,

And checkmate our own kings, revolutionary war!


They’ve infultrated everything even our entertainment,

They’re waiting for Dajjal in this system of Satan,

Real freedom isn’t ever given, it is taken!

O mankind when will you awaken cos time is racing,


This system wears a mask like Jason, murder like Jason,

A mental genocide upon a whole generation,

Whilst most of them are guilty of mass tax evasion,

They use our taxes to attacka nd enslave our home nations,


So when I die let it be by assassination,

Because I spoke too much truth in my statements,

May I be replaced by two more impatient hellraising

Matyrs fighting opression with even more dedication,


May I be replaced by an army of partisans,

Like Aris Velouchiotis fighting against Nazi tanks,

But now fighting our new masters, banks,

The IMF and the corporatians,


We need to hear the call of righteousness,

We need to come together to fight our quest,

Cos all we have to do is to try our best,

And pray, I know Allah will provide the rest.



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