Forgive Me

Please forgive me for not doing more foryour cause,
I did care but was distracted by the duniya,
Like being entertained by the beautiful fish of the ocean,
Whilst your brother is drowning,

I hope that Africa can forgive us,
For contributing to the loss of one of her greatest sons,
I hope they know the religion they fought in the name of,
Was the very same that they sought to defeat,

Please forgive the British believers,
Who marched against you like Khalid against the prophet,
I dream they use that sword that they used in jahilliyah,
As a sword for Islam and Libya,
But maybe dreams are just dreams,

I know there are those you can never forgive,
Those who profit from your destruction,
THose who ate from your flesh and drank from your tears,
But the salt in your tears will keep them thirsty,

Your beautiful emerald flag,
Coloured in tribute to the greatest man who ever lived,
Was stained by the red blood of your children,
And the black ashes of your burnt remains,
To create a flag of despair,

Your beautiful inspirational nation,
Was a light in an era of fitna and darkness,
But it was put out by a tidal wave of destruction,
Now it’s a forgotton shame on mankind who ignores its cries,

Please forgive the Ummah,
Many thought they spoke for you against your enemies,
But spoke for your enemies against you,
Many thought they were fighting for Allah,
But they fought for Shaytan in denial of the truth,

I hope The Most Merciful will have mercy,
On the day when none but He can save me,
And not call your people to testify on my inaction,
For what excuse could justify such a crime.