Body of Pain

Seen so much pain surprised my eyes aint bleeding,

So many nightmares come true surprised I’m still dreaming,

Hearts been broken so many times surprised its still beating,

I’m Cretan its in my blood to fight for freedom,


I got a dirty mind because my minds never been brainwashed,

Live on the wild side because they could never tame us,

And the Statue of Liberty continues to enslave us,

Whilst we forget God and look to intoxicants to save us,


I take a deep breath because my breaths been took away,

My tongues a bow firing the arrows I say,

To people who are more concerned to try and eat from an empty plate,

I find this life hard to swallow so I’m choking on hate,


The worlds so full of it trying to find love’s like trying to find a diamond in the soil,

I’m hotblooded because seeing the blood of my Ummah makes my blood boil,

Britain betrays me but to Britain I stay loyal,

Don’t believe in having a queen but every woman is royal,


We desended into poverty because of money,

Life became a joke its not even funny,

The turtle won the race because of the false security of the bunny,

When the world was starting to flood we were told it was sunny,


The fire in my belly evaporated my tears,

The call for freedom overpowered my fears,

The cries of mankind filled my ears,

Til the wardrum of my heartbeat was all that they hear.


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