I Keep On

Wake up in the morning can’t get out of bed,

First thing is problems running through my head,

I wanna close my eyes and sleep forever,

But if I’m gonna go anywhere I know I got to get up,


Splash water on my face from the kitchen sink,

Trying not to go crazy, but I’m on the brink,

Gotta slow down on the energy drinks and think,

When I write it’s like my pen is bleeding ink,


I feel like I’m swimming against the flow of a river,

And I don’t know where it starts or where I’ll be delivered,

Still I keep on swimming, I can’t be a quitter,

Even if I tried I don’t think I remember how to give up,


No time for wasting I delinked so many mates,

But to reach my dreams loneliness is a price I must pay,

And I know I should find a little more time to pray,

Because I rarely make Salat five times a day,

Ya Allah help me find my way,

I know you’re beside me every step that I take,

I can’t be consumed with hate, no matter how much my heart breaks,

Can’t ever let myself cry or I’d cry rivers and lakes,


Trying to work, pay bills, organize and get a degree,

Verily with hardship there must be ease,

And I found an escape through my poetry,

Whatever life throws at me I got a release,


Now I try to make molehills out of the mountains I’m facing,

Trying to play catchup with a life I’m chasing,

Trying to break free from the wrath of Masons,

I know it’s for the coming of Dajjal they’re waiting,


Still I feel locked in this consumerist trap,

Where you’re closest friends could stab you in your back,

And I never get the chance to relax,

Yet I know what I want and you better believe I’m chasing that!



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