Somewhere I Belong

I was born and raised here, as British as can be,

But the British Nationalist Party would disagree,

And I find it hard to pledge allegiance to the Queen,

When the oppression she represents goes against my deen,

And if I oppose British foreign policy I’m called a traitor,

But when my dad left Sudan it was under British occupation,

Whose divide and conquer tactics are still present and from it Sudan still suffers,

So if I’m not a traitor to one am I a traitor to the other,

Or what about when a British funded Junta kicked my dad out of Greece,

Do I thank Britain for the accepting the asylum he seeked,

Still I’m a born and bred Londoner and proud of that fact,

When they tell me to “Go back home”, I say I’m already back,

And I feel pride whenever I hear British rap,

I like to have a cup of English tea with my kebab wrap,

I used to look for somewhere I belong like Linkin Park,

Before I realized I need look no further than Finsbury Park.



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