Birth of an Empire (Part 3) – Imperialism

1914 marked the beginning of World War 1 when the major European powers at the time would go to war. On one side were the British, French and Russians, on the other Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans.

The dominant power in the world at the time was the British Empire, followed by their rivals, the French. As the Spanish and Portuguese Empires were not up to their former power and the Ottoman Empire was disintegrating, Britain and France seemed unchallenged, especially not by what was seen as lesser powers in Germany and Austria-Hungary. There were also many other nations involved including Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Czechoslovakia.

Britain and France were struggling to survive and the two major powers of the world suddenly appeared beatable, something which seemed even more possible after the Russian Revolution brought the Bolshevik Party to power and Russia’s immediate withdrawal from the war. The United States intervened in the same month as Russia withdrew, apparently because of unregulated submarine warfare by the Germans, in 1917.

After four years of conflict and over 9,000,000 combatants being killed the war ended in 1918 and the side of Britain, France and the United States had won.

The new confidence of the United States as a major power capable of taking over the world added to their greed. The nation had grown strong due to slavery and its size and in the 1920’s they started to make plans to go to war with Britain and become the new ruling power of the world. But then another opportunity would present itself.

In 1939 another World War had broken out in Europe. Germany had conquered many European states with ease, including France. They were also battering the British and the two traditional ruling powers of the world were suddenly like mosquitos being crushed by Germany. Britain didn’t surrender and continued to get bombed with little hope of success until in 1941 two more nations would join the war.

The war had changed the status of the nations of Europe, and Britain and France were no longer superpowers, Germany had replaced both of them as the superpower of Europe. However the United States and the Soviet Union had grown into the only other powers able to compete with Germany and in 1941 both were dragged into the war on the side of Britain. The Soviets due to the German attack on the Soviet Union and the United States due to an attack on one of their naval bases, by the Japanese, an ally of Germany.

The main war was in the Soviet Union, where the Soviets eventually defeated Germany and swept through Europe. In order to stop a Communist takeover of Europe, the United States and Britain managed to take Western Europe.

Even after Japan had surrendered, the United States decided to prove their new dominance of the world by dropping bombs, the likes of which no one had ever seen, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the picture above is of the one dropped on Hiroshima. The two bombs directly killed over 150,000 people and tens of thousands more would die later from radiation poisoning. This was the third holocaust of the United States and unlike the Native American Genocide and the Slave Trade; many of her politicians still try to justify it. America clearly stated it was the new ruling power of the world and it would not tolerate any resistance.

The Soviet Union, United States and Britain would meet to sign a treaty called the Yalta agreement in which they would divide Europe into Communist and Capitalist countries, the capitalist becoming under the influence of the United States and their empire was born.

Greece, whose British puppet king had fled with the entire army to Egypt when the Germans invaded, had freed itself by the guerrilla warfare of the Greek Partisans under the leadership of communist: Aris Velouchiotis. They had defeated the most sophisticated army, mainly on horses and donkeys, due to most of the terrain being mountains and the roads goat paths, unsuitable for tanks and armoured vehicles.

However after the liberation of Greece, Churchill decided to bring it under British control again. The British tanks put down peaceful protests in the cities, whilst the partisans took to the mountains again. The British would then hire Greek mercenaries, mainly the former collaborators of the Germans and call it the Greek Army and the war the “Greek Civil War”. They would ambush Aris Velouchiotis and his second in command Leon Javellas, decapitate them and hang their heads from lampposts in the town of Trikala, as a warning to any people who wished to run to the mountains and join the partisans. This war was not a civil war, it was a British invasion.

The British would lose, just as the Germans had and in fear of the area becoming communist they would ask the United States to intervene. The United States were all too happy to do so and decided to bomb complete towns and villages with napalm, the first time it had been used by the US in history, until the Partisans surrendered in 1949. Democracy would not enter Greece after that until the late 70s and the US had established a strategy to combat nations who resisted imperialism. The Greek ‘Civil War’ would mark the start of the ‘Cold War’.

The United States would also create a replica of itself in Palestine with the genocide of the native population and the formation of a state they called ‘Israel’.

In 1991 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev would sell out his nation to the US, and the Soviet Union would collapse. The biggest threat to America was gone and one by one all their allies would fall into the US Empire, until only a few remained. In 2001 the 9/11 attacks on America, which are now believed by most people who have done independent investigations to have been an inside job, has allowed the war against Muslims to be engaged.

The US is still taking out the nations who continue to resist imperialism one by one.

Syria and Libya have both seen mercenary armies the likes of which we saw in Greece in the 40’s and then many times since across the world where the governments have opposed the United States.

Riots in Ukraine and Venezuela recently have been incited by the United States and western media in order to topple anti-imperialist regimes. The problem is many people read about these invasions in the past, yet are still falling for it this time.

There is no doubt that this empire is the biggest the world has seen, the British Empire controlled a quarter of the world, however this empire stretches across almost the entire world and few countries remain free from it. The debate however is: whose empire it really is?

One version is that the United States have occupied Britain and proof of this is that there is US military bases in Britain like there are all over the world and Britain has always followed US invasions and supported US foreign policy.

Another theory is that it is a joint British, French and US Empire, as the three it is run from World Bank in the US, the ‘London Club’ in the City of London and the ‘Paris Club’.

Yet another theory presented is that ‘Israel’ is in fact the ruling state, as AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) is the strongest lobby in the US government and Hollywood, the US’s main propaganda machine, is run by Zionists (those who support ‘Israel’).

The forth theory is that it is not the Empire of any nation, as the corporations are the ones who have the most power and they can come from many nations. This is partly true, however it overlooks two very simple facts, firstly most of the corporations come from the nations which have a majority in population of Western European or White Jewish background, such as Britain, France, US, ‘Israel’, Canada and Australia, the only exception being Japan. Secondly, that the average citizens of these nations are far better off than the rest of the world.

Whatever your view it is clear that almost this entire world is now under control from one Capitalist system and that is one that white Western Europeans or White Jews are higher up in the system than other races, therefore the entire world system is institutionally racist. This empire is the most brutal and destructive of all time, built on genocide, slavery, war atrocities and the destruction of the environment. We must resist!


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