Role Models


Verse 1 – Ibrahim (pbuh)


The King Nimrods of now,

Want to train us to bow down,

To false idols like a golden cow,

But today it is a picture of a crown,

On a ladies head on a piece of paper,

Or TV shows about models swamped with make up,

Or singers and actors who are famous,

Or anything other than the creator,

And all glory comes from Him,

But instead we worship those who sin,

Like girls who show too much skin,

Tricked by the most evilist of jinn,

But like Ibrahim in his time,

We must break these idols in our minds,

Then just like he rebuilt the Ka’aba,

We must rebuild our relationships with Allah.


Verse 2 – Dawud (pbuh)


The Goliaths of our time,

Want to spread malicious lies,

Despite all the hate that they spread,

About us in their altered texts,

Like they did with Dawud in the Bible,

Called him a murderer and a womaniser,

Today it’s the same in newspapers,

Calling us terrorists and child rapists,

Whilst war wages still in the holy land,

Little kids fight like Dawud with stones in their hands,

And we must fight back against all odds,

Cos the successful path is that of God’s,

We must read and spread the Holy Quran,

Like Dawud did with the Holy Psalms,

And teach our children to be wise,

Like Suleyman was taught as a child,


Verse 3 – Musa (pbuh)


The Pharaohs of today,

Have made the Muslim world into slaves,

Ethnically cleansed us to our graves,

Until the Ummah cried out in pain,

But then on boats we came,

Like baskets floating on the waves,

Of the Nile until we made,

It to the house of the Pharaohs to be raised,

And we must not forget our deen,

Or our brothers and sisters overseas,

Let’s not just get fat off of the proceeds,

Of the slavery of our keen,

So oh Muslims living in the West,

We must unite with a quest,

To follow Musas example and say to the Pharaohs,

“Let our people go!”


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