Nazi Shop Opens In Jewish Neighbourhood

A neo-nazi fashion shop has opened in the North London borough of Barnet, a borough with the largest Jewish population in London, 54,084 people in 2011, making up 15.5% of the population of Barnet.

The shop was opened by the controversial right-wing designer ‘Thor Steinar’. Thor Steinar has such a bad reputation in Germany that their clothes are banned from the German government building the ‘Bundestag’ and from various football stadiums. Members of German party National Democratic Party, believed to be the modern version of the Nazi Party, were banned from the Saxony parliament for refusing to remove their Thor Steinar clothes whilst in the parliament.

In fact Thor Steinar opened a shop in Saxony called Brevik after the right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. They have used the Norwegian flag in some of their designs and an appeal from the Norwegian government to ban the use of their flag was rejected.

Their original logo was the double S logo of the Schutzstaffel, the paramilitary squad of the Nazi Party.

Protests have taken place outside the shop and have even caused it close for the day before, but the shop is still allowed to operate.

The government has just proposed to hand local councils the right to veto betting shops in the area, but they still do not have the right to stop or closed own this shop. The problem is that the government does not see the fact that the shop promotes nazism and right wing terrorism as enough reason to close it down. If it was a shop promoting Islamic terrorism in the same manner it would have been raided by now and the news would be creating a national scandal out of it.

The Socialist Workers Party have told me that the protests will continue until the shop is closed, but the protesters will need your help to defeat this fascist threat from our streets.


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