Looking For Solutions on Palestine

When the media claimed that Bill Clinton had fixed the so called “Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”, anyone who had even the simplest idea of what was going on in the Holy Land would know this was rubbish. The fact is that there are far too many factors involved and just getting a Palestinian leader to do their job for them rather than an ‘Israeli’ doesn’t change the oppression involved.

The reality is that the Holy Land is in a state of Apartheid. A racist form of separation and oppression, become well known in Africa, particularly South Africa. Therefore those who believe ‘Israel’ should just remove their settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, and return to the 1967 borders still support apartheid.

There are those who will quote international law and say that this is what is demanded by ‘Israel’ by the United Nations and that the United Nations recognises ‘Israel’. Well how can one respect any law that supports apartheid.

The truth is that the only solution to the apartheid, is the unification of the two states into one. The idea fed to the people by the South African Apartheid to describe itself would be: “Separate but Equal”. This phrase was also a legal doctrine in the United States whilst implementing the ‘Jim Crow Laws’.

As long as two states exist it will take centuries to remove the animosity built up by decades of oppression, murder, ethnic cleansing and humiliation that has occurred on the Palestinian people, as well as decades of false Islamophobic and racist propaganda being taught to the ‘Israelis’ through the media and schools. These lies, that ‘Israelis’ I have met seem to genuinely believe, include: ‘Israel’ was a ‘Land without a people for a people without a land’ and that the Palestinians are in fact just Arabs from other parts of the Arab World who move to Palestine because they hate Jews and wish to trick the world and turn them against ‘Israel’.

The truth is that the Jews were expelled from Palestine and banned from Jerusalem by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the early second century AD. After the Romans converted to Christianity this ban continued and it wasn’t until 638 AD, when the Muslim caliph Umar ibn Khattab would take the city off of the Christians, that the Jews would be allowed to return, despite the protests of the Christian patriarch of the city.

During the first Crusade in 1099 AD when the Christians attacked Jerusalem (pictured above), the Jews and Muslims fought side by side to defend the city from the Western European barbarians. When the Christians would take the city, they would massacre the entire Muslim and Jewish population and once again the Jews, as well as the Muslims, would be banned. This lasted until Salahudeen Ayubi would retake the city, in 1187 AD, and banish the Christians.

Jews have repeatedly in history fled Christian lands to Muslim lands in order to escape persecution. In Europe this consisted of many massacres before the Nazi Holocaust, including in Britain when the Jews of Lincoln were chased into a church and then locked in and burnt, or in Spain when the Muslims rulers were chased out, the new Christian rulers would then set up trials and kill all Muslims, Protestants and particularly Jews who remained in Spain.

In Palestine the two main parties are Fatah, who mainly support apartheid, and Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood party who support a one state solution. Hamas have tried to implement ‘Sharia Law’ as a political system within Gaza. ‘Israel’ describes itself as a ‘Jewish State’ and it is governed with ‘Jewish Law’.

So how would a one state solution work? Well there are three options for how this would work.

The first is for the ‘Israelis’ who came to Palestine, since the Balfour Declaration promised the Jews a state in Palestine in 1917, return to Europe. The problem is that many of the ‘Israelis’ today were born in Palestine and are now second or third generation immigrants to the land, also knowing Europe’s anti-Semitic past, a sudden influx of Jews into the region would surely not go down well. The fact that Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Muslims and Christians, means all should have the right to live there.

The Rastafarians see Ethiopia as their spiritual homeland and many moved there, particularly whilst it was under the leadership of King Haile Selassie I. Yet the Rastafarians did not ethnically cleanse the land of its people, stick them in small ghettos and build there own country on top of it. Instead they contributed to the society and tried to help the Ethiopian people, whom the Rastafarians believe are there long lost brothers. Therefore I see the expulsion of ‘Israelis’ as an immoral option and causing more animosity and problems in the world.

The second is the option promoted by most Left-Wing groups in the UK, which is to create a secular state with equal rights. A secular state though, must not be confused with an atheist extremist state, by which I mean those of Turkey or France. In Turkey the hijab has been banned from public sector jobs and universities and in France the niqab has been banned from public places. Banning the Hijab is a form of sexism as well as Islamophobia, as it excludes women who would be just as good in the public sector as those of other beliefs. No one can prove there isn’t a god, so therefore Atheism is just a belief, just as Christianity, Judaism and Islam are.

The third option is that of the Medina Charter, believed to be the first written constitution. The Medina Charter, written by the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), speaks about how in an Islamic state Jews can live alongside Muslims, with equal rights, however still be free to practise their religion. The Jews had a separate law based on their religion and only had to follow Muhammeds (peace be upon him) law when dealing with Muslims or for international affairs such as war. The original Muslim ‘Ummah’ was supposed to be a nation of Muslim and Jews as one nation under the God of Abraham.

This is the approach of religious understanding rather than religious suppression. Although it may be hard for a constitution written by Muhammed (peace be upon him) to be accepted by the ‘Israelis’ and probably many of the Palestinian Christians as well.

The fact is that whatever style of government the Palestinians choose there are other details which need to be addressed. These include the right of return for all Palestinian refugees who have been removed and also the land and wealth redistribution. In South Africa, black people may have the same rights legally as the white people, and there may be a black president, however, the inequality is still very vast. These are issues that are far more complicated and will be hard to implement.

Jews and Muslims have been historical allies and for them to be fighting today is a terrible turn of events. To quote Hip Hop artist Immortal Technique:

“Flow like the blood of Abraham through the Jews and the Arabs, broken apart like a womans heart abused in a marriage”.

Once again this special relationship should be created between the two most similar religions to each other and the two races, that those religions teach, can trace their roots back to Abraham (peace be upon him).


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