Is Bigotry Becoming Once Again Acceptable In Britain

As Britain prepares for the elections, a lot of disturbing articles, speeches and videos have been released, particularly in regards to Muslims and Eastern Europeans, which beg the question: Is bigotry becoming acceptable in Britain?

The arguments are that it is ‘not racist to speak about immigration’ and Islamophobia is not racism because ‘Muslims aren’t a race’. The EDL have used the second excuse many times, however it is obvious that they see Islam as a barbaric ‘non-white’ religion or ideology.

In the past we have seen that when problems occur in a society, often minorities are blamed, as in the Ottoman Empire, when the European colonialists were carving it up, leading to the murder of 3 million people. This is a form of divide and conquer used to divert people’s attention away from the real cause of the problems, which is usually the greed of the rich. Even the fault of why the English National Football Team is so rubbish, is being blamed on too many foreigners in the Premiership, despite the fact that the second tier of the English football league is stronger than most nations first tier.

The fact that UKIP feel the need to have to state that they are not a racist party is worrying. The only other party I remember having to actually state that they are not a racist party was the BNP, the same party whose leader Nick Griffin has spoken at a Ku Klux Klan meeting in America and who denied the holocaust. Before the rapid rise of UKIP the media was giving a lot of time to Nick Griffin and his party, who were at the time trying to hide their racism as much as possible. In fact they had attempted to appear as a respectable party and much of the rhetoric was identical to UKIPs today. After the rise of UKIP, the BNP felt the need to push further to the right and openly express their racism once again. Their youth wing promoted a video around the idea of “We want our land to be a home for our people and our culture”, this was a video of kids aged from 13 to 18. It’s disgusting how kids that age can be taught to hate by adults.

The fact is that there is enough work for everyone and more, the country needs rebuilding, the public sector is dangerously understaffed and particularly the NHS, which is stretched. Yet the government have cut jobs in these areas instead of creating them, in order to sell our country to their rich friends.

The media has made Islamophobia seem acceptable, by constantly attacking Islam. It feels every news program today will run at least one story every episode that demonizes Muslims, whether they’re here or abroad. This includes giving airtime to the Islamophobes favourite Muslim: Anjem Choudary, with his 30 or so followers and promoting him as if he is the voice of political Islam with him debating an ‘Uncle Tom Muslim’. This is an attempt to make people believe that a real Muslim believes in terrorism and other negative beliefs, and the only Muslims who don’t are the sellouts.

The language used by the media is also very intelligent, such as calling suicide bombers: ‘Extremist Muslims’, even though Islam rejects both the killing of civilians and suicide, therefore they are not taking Islam to the extreme, but in fact doing the complete opposite of what Islam teaches. The phrase ‘Islamist’ is used to describe those who wish to impose a form of Wahhabi/Salafi law on people, whilst this law often has nothing to do with the laws under Muhammed (peace be upon him) or the Rashidun Caliphs.

Even cultural practices get boxed in with Islam such as forced marriages, which in fact goes against Islam. Yet whenever it is on the media they show background shots of girls in hijabs at school, or instead of choosing cases involving Hindus or Sikhs, with whom the issue also inflicts, they choose cases of Muslim families.

FGM is another issue which is often blamed on Islam even though it has nothing to do with Islam and is a cultural practice.

In some circles Islamophobia has not only become acceptable, but almost fashionable. Groups like the EDL and Britain First have given racists the means to express some of the racism, that behind closed doors they probably express towards every non-white, non-anglo-saxon/celtic, non-Christian person, towards one group and made it semi-acceptable.

The media has not hidden the fact that BNP and UKIP are racist, in order to hide the fact that the big three parties are also racist.

The British Nation and the remains of its empire are still institutionally racist. In fact although very slow progress is being made on equal rights, the country is still run by a racist system and the major parties have not done anywhere near enough to tackling these issues. The fact is that the big three parties are better at disguising their racism and only use it when it is profitable towards either votes or towards making money for their rich sponsors.

The wars that all three of the major parties have taken us into since the 9/11 attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, as well as the hiring of mercenaries to fight in Syria, The Somali Republic and Yemen amongst many others are definitely racist. When you justify the killing of hundreds of thousands of people, because you supposedly believe those people are too barbaric to be governed by their own governments or ideologies, you suggest these people are less than you.

The difference between the BNP and Labour, The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and even the top players of UKIP is that whilst the BNP appears to genuinely believe the racism is spews, the others use it as a tool win votes and more importantly make money. The hatred that divides our communities and causes us to fight one another is done for their profit.


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