I’m A Muslim

I’m not a Sunni although I love Abu Bakr & Umar,

And I’m not a Shia although I love Hezbollah,

I’m not a Sufi although I love their nasheeds,

I’m not a Quranist although I don’t take as sahih all the hadeeth,

I’m simply a Muslim who believes,

There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is His messenger,

If you believe this as I do then you’re my brother,

The Qur’an told us not to create division between one another,

And on the holy day of Ashura,

I fast for the achievements of Musa,

But take time to mourn Hussein at Karbala,

And noone can judge my actions except for Allah,

You see the enemy doesn’t care if you’re Shia or Sunni,

When they send their drones to bomb your country,

Or when Israel attacks Palestine or South Lebanon,

Just think of what we could acheive if we learnt to get along!



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