Middle East Leaders: Who backs Palestine

With the latest crisis in Palestine getting into the news and the 7 decades of Israeli oppression on the Palestinians, one must wonder how has this been allowed for so long? The Middle Eastern states have different politics, whether they are Sunni, Shi’ite or Ibadi, Secular or Religious, Capitalist or Socialist, however the question is: Who are the allies and who are the enemies of Israel? In this article I want to look at a few of the West Asian and North African states and explore the relationship they have with the Zionist state.

Since the partition of the Middle East by Europe hit the region like an earthquake, whose cracks divided them into many states, there has been rivalry between the different nations, some of whom have sided with the arch enemy of the Muslim world: Israel. I will be unable to look at all of them, however there are a few to look at in particular. It is important to realise that even between the American puppets there are rivalries and also between the anti-Zionist groups. One question that will be asked is: Is there such a thing as being pro-American, but anti-Zionist? This will be explored as well as how viable it is in practice?



Turkey is one of the few non-Arab nations in the region. As he Ottoman Empire, it was a major imperialist power at the time when the West European states themselves became a colonial powers. In the 19th Century it became completely devastated, with the Europeans trying o carve off different parts for themselves and it became embroiled in many wars with its former colonies, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Armenia, amongst others, who were determined to destroy it once and for all. In order to save the Ottoman Empire a revolution had took place in which a group of secular politicians, known as the three pashas, took power from the sultan. It has since competed with Greece to gain the favour of the west and both countries suppressed their eastern influence and tried to westernize their culture. This went to new extremes after World War 1, under Mustepha Kemal ‘Attaturk’, who banned the fez and Turkey later banned hijabs in public sector jobs and universities.

Turkey and Greece compete still for western favour and America uses them to keep the other in line. The same can be said for the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), a Kurdish outlawed political party, who have also turned into a Guerilla group. The PKK control some of the mountains in East Turkey, where the Turkish army are unable to reach. America funds the PKK in order to keep Turkey in line, whilst at the same time selling weapons to the Turkish Army. In keeping in line with American interests, Turkey has always had a very good relationship with Israel.

There was much hope with the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as prime minister, many believing he would change that relationship. Erdogan even stated his intention to visit Palestine on a diplomatic mission, despite protests from Israel,  however this changed very quickly and Erdogan rebuilt relations with Israel and is helping send militants into Israel’s Levant enemy: Syria.

The reason for this is a gamble which he took that failed. Erdogans politics are very similar to that of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Arab movement that is present across the Middle East. When the Arab Spring was in full swing and it looked like the Muslim Brotherhood would take over the entire Middle East, Erdogan being an opportunist, in true Muslim Brotherhood fashion, backed the assault on Syria, believing there was a possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood party taking control there and Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood party in Palestine would also be a good ally. With the Muslim Brotherhood unable to win the Libyan elections, being ousted in Egypt by General Sisi and Syria proving to be a tougher nut than expected to crack, Erdogan was forced to do a U-Turn.

Erdogan has, in this latest wave of the crisis, spoken out calling Israel: “Worse than Hitler” and has threatened to stop relations with Israel, which is more than most Muslim leaders do. However, it is seen by most political analysts as all talk and if Erdogan is able to send arms and mercenaries into Syria, he could do the same for Palestine if he so wanted.

Erdogan is a slimy character who will try to do the typical Muslim Brotherhood trick of playing the West and the anti-Imperialists at the same time, due to the riots and unpopularity of his government, he may not be in power in Turkey for long, however America and Israel will continue to be.



As already touched upon in the earlier part, Syria is an enemy of Israel and has funded Hamas in the past. In fact they used to finance the Syrian Ba’athist Party in Palestine, the Palestinian equivalent to the ruling party in Syria, until Hamas started to grow, then Assad funded Hamas instead.

Assad has since stated that he has never been a fan of Hamas and only funded them as they were the resistance, but always new they were an opportunist party. In similar fashion to Erdogans schemes, Hamas took a gamble on their fellow Muslim Brotherhood parties taking control in the rest of the Arab World. Hamas had received a lot of aid and support from Syria and at first refused to declare support for either side in the Syrian conflict, then when they thought the Brotherhood was taking over the Middle East they condemned Assad and finally when it appeared the Brotherhoods attempts for power in Egypt had failed, Hamas were quick to say it was only particular members who had backed the militants and that they wanted to rebuild relations with Syria and Iran.

The father of Bashar al-Assad, Hafiz al-Assad, sent troops to Lebanon to fight against Israel and Syria also helps fund the Lebanese party and militia, Hezbollah, the only Arab army to defeat Israel.

Since the crisis broke out in Syria, Israel has bombed Syria, to help the militants, and soldiers from both Israel and Syria have been killed by the opposing sides armies. In fact Israel and its allies are funding the militants in Syria with money it receives from America.

Even Britain has been sending aid and weapons to the rebels and Israel itself is treating the militants in their hospitals. Netanyahu, Israels prime minister has visited them and shook hand with many of the wounded.

It is also important to see the difference between the Syrian and Iraqi Ba’athist parties, the Syrian being an ally of the Soviets and the Iraqis an ally of the West in the Cold War. Iraq under Ba’athist control went to war with the Islamic Republic of Iran, with British weapons, whilst the Syrian Ba’athists are allies with Iran, who give them weapons to defend themselves from the mercenary militias attacking the country.

Although now it looks likely that Assad will continue to rule in Syria, the country has been so war-torn and destroyed that it will unlikely be the threat to Israel that it once was and will take time to rebuild itself.


The Gulf States

I have included the Gulf nations into one section, as they mostly have similar foreign policies. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are all allied with Israel, however Qatar and Saudi Arabia are rivals and often fund different groups in order to get more influence than the other. In the war against Syria, they both funded rival terrorist groups, one funding Al Nusra and the other ISIS, whilst Turkey and Israel funded the Free Syrian Army. Also, in the Egyptian revolution both sides funded different parties, Saudi funding the Noor Party and Qatar the Muslim Brotherhood.

Saudi Arabia has gone as far as to tell Israel that it can use Saudi Arabia to launch attacks against Iran, should it decide to got to war with them.

Oman on the other hand is allied with the West, however also keeps good relations with Iran, this may be that it is the only Muslim country, without a Sunni or Shia majority, but rather 75% of the population follow the Ibadi branch of Islam.

A genuine uprising by pro-Iranians in Bahrain, has been suppressed by the Western backed: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah.

Like Israel most of the Arab monarchies in the Gulf and in Jordan are heavily reliant on the West, therefore they are all on common ground. Even when they have disputes between them, they unite against any enemy of the West and Israel.



When Sisi orchestrated a coup in Egypt to depose the recently elected Muslim Brotherhood in the first elections since the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, he was said to be a “National Hero” to the people of Israel by the Israeli ambassador in Cairo, who also said “Al-Sisi is not a national hero for Egypt, but for all Jews in Israel and around the globe.

Just as Hosni Mubarak did, Sisi is enjoying excellent relations with the country that tried to sabotage Egypts Suez Canal plans whilst Egypt was under the leadership of the anti-Zionist hero Gamal Abdel Nasser, yet Sisi has had the cheek to compare himself to Nasser.

The Israeli military claim to be on the verge of a deal with Sisi to import 4.5 billion tonnes of gas from Israel to Egypt a year.

The Muslim Brotherhood whose candidate Morsi was ousted in by the army brought up an interesting question: can you be pro West, but anti-zionist? Morsi tried to do everything the West wanted in order to cling onto power, knowing that the army in Egypt were under the thumb of the United States, but the only thing he couldn’t compromise on was Israel. The fact is that it appears to be the US’s policy in the Middle East to oppose anyone whom is opposed to Israel and Sisi was given the thumbs up.



Sudan was bombed in 2012 by Israel for supposedly making weapons to give to Hamas, Israel also sent generals to train child soldiers for the Anya Nya militia in South Sudan, to fight against the Sudanese government and the West has funded there successor, the SPLA. In fact newly seceded South Sudan’s president usually wears a cowboy hat when in public, this was a gift from former US President: George W. Bush.

Sudan has been under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood under Dr. Turabi and the Omar Bashir took over posing as both a Islamist and a Nationalist, however is more likely just a corrupt thief. However hey still have a frosy relationship with Israel.


Maghreb Nations

Libya was attacked and bombed by the NATO alliance after Israeli hired mercenaries fought against Muammar Gaddafi, a man who claimed Israel had no right to exist and who at one time refused to work with any Arab leader who recognized Israel. Gaddafi also wrote the “White Book“, outlining a one state solution for the Holy Land.

Libya has become a hell hole of militias fighting each other for scraps of power, since the Zionist media lied to the West, claiming Gaddafi was bombing his own people and in turn the West bombed him. However, there were many other reasons why the West hated Gaddafi.

The Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t even win an election with over three quarters of the country boycotting the elections, but the oil is now in full control of the West. Gaddafi had funded the PLO, whilst this new government in Libya, is shipping out oil and selling it cheap to Russia, in order to persuade them to stop buying from Israels arch enemy: Iran.

It is feared by many political analysts that Algeria will soon share a similar fate to that which we have seen in Syria and Libya, a country that already went through extreme suffering whilst fighting free itself from France. Algeria set up an office for the American Black Panther Party, who were fighting the American system and were very anti-imperialist, its government is also very critical of Israel.

There may be hope for Tunisia, where the Muslim Brotherhoods Ennahda Party has the most seats, but not enough to create a majority, but is working well with the secular, Arab Nationalist/Socialist president Moncef Marzouki, however only time will tell if this alliance will work and whether it will be as anti-Zionist as it promises to be.


I wanted to mention these few countries, but Israel is heavily involved in every Muslim country whether it is fighting against them or controlling them.

Many of the so called ‘Islamist’ groups, linked with Al Qaeda have never done anything to fight Israel, they only seem to terrorize other Muslims. In fact they are mostly controlled by the West, who use them to fight their wars and then send in their own troops to rid the region of them. This is what happened in Afghanistan where the so called ‘jihadists’ were funded to fight the Soviet Union and Mali to fight the Gaddafist Tuaregs who had iberated North Mali from the corrupt puppet government. Then both sets were taken out by Western armies, in Mali barely a year after the ‘jihadists’ had won.

There can be hardly anything more disgraceful for a Muslim head of state then to work with Israel or to not even speak out against Israel, even no Muslim countries such as Chile have boycotted Israel and Cuba, South Africa and Venezuela have all spoken out against the genocide taking place by the Zionists. Israel is the enemy of the Muslim world and of all those people in the world who believe in humanity.


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