How & When My Ummah

How can we live with ourselves when our brothers are dying?
How can we smile when our mothers are crying?
How can we rest when our Ummah is trying,
So hard to break free from oppression in Palestine?


How can we allow this to continue to happen?
How can all you care about be the Duniya’s distractions?
How can we stay silent in our words and our actions?
How can we fight each other over political factions?


How can we feel good when our Ummahs in pain?
How can we fight each other when our enemy is one and the same?
How can the blood not boil inside our veins,
When the blood of our sisters pours like rain?


When we are inactive how can we moan?
How can we sleep with so much chaos back home?
How can we rest when there’s a child alone,
Because her parents were killed by one of Obama’s drones?


Seriously how can the tears not pour like rivers,
When you see what they have done to us in Libya?
How long will we just wait for Allah to deliver us,
Before we fight the jihad from the Islam He has given us?


How can our leaders be so useless?
How long can we just accept their excuses?
How many more human rights abuses?
Arghhh the pain when they use our own brothers to shoot us!


How did the nation of Islam end up in this state,
From a nation of which none has ever been as great?
How can we celebrate iftar with so much food on our plates,
When there are those of us without clean water or dates?


When will they stop their continues attack?
When will they finally leave alone Iraq?
When will they stop causing mischief on every land on the map?
When will we chase them away so that they never come back?


When will we cut out the cancer where the Middle East is?
Which will keep growing til the land it consumes reaches,
From the Euphrates in Iraq to the Nile in Egypt,
How can now with 1.6 billion Muslims we be at our weakest?


How can we live of the fruits of imperialism,
On the lands where our people are living?
How can we sit back whilst they rape our religion?
Soon you’ll have to make a decision, how can you not choose Allahs cause as your mission?



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