Is British Socialism Anti-Imperialist

I remember learning that I was a ‘Marxist’, I also remember being told that as a Marxist I wasn’t supposed to believe something I believed. My ideology is one I have learnt from studying the lives of people who lived over a thousand years before Karl Marx, so therefore it may be strange that their ideology could be referred to as Marxism.

My ideology is in fact that the law under Muhammed (peace be upon him) and the Rashidun Caliphate is the best law, partly because I am a Muslim and partly because I have studied what the system they built was like and it was built around two things mainly: fighting oppression and looking after the most vulnerable in society. The laws of the system are based on the Islamic concept: ‘Rights of the Creation’.

However my ideals are not ‘Islamist’, in the western use of the word, as I don’t believe in the right-wing ideologies we are seeing crop up in the Muslim world. I wish to neither call myself a Marxist or an Islamist, but these are titles that others have used to describe me. Neither do I like it when people call me an ‘Islamic Socialist’ as this suggests that socialism is not an inherit part of Islam.

Why do I bring up this short analysis of my beliefs? It is because I want to show some of the arrogance of Western Socialists in believing they have the answer for everything and the indigenous people will only be free when they have ‘European Socialism’.

The first thing that European Socialists believe is that secularism is always better than religious law and that because it works well for them in Europe that should be the answer to the rest of the world. They disregard the fact that pre-2011 Libya, which was the finest example of a socialist country working, had a constitution based on Islam and Venezuela is currently running with a Catholic version of Socialism which works extremely well has influenced many other South American countries.

This isn’t to say that secularism hasn’t worked in Cuba, but to say that different countries have different needs, cultures and religions, which the vast majority of European Socialists either don’t understand or choose to ignore.

Western Socialists are very dangerous, as they can see no other Socialism then their own brand and even between the Trotskyite Parties in Britain there are small differences, which cause division. This is fine as long as they fight each other and play their games, but it becomes a problem when they start trying to turn the public against anti-Imperialist and Socialist leaders around the world, whose biggest critics are usually the British Trotskyites. This is a huge factor in European imperialism, that the left in the West always oppose the victims of imperialism as well as the culprits. It is also another example of the White Western World believing they have the right to tell the ‘uncivilized’ non-white people how they should live.

Another problem that I see is with secular Socialists in the Middle East is that they say they support Western democracy, until it votes for someone they don’t like. The best example here is that of Egypt, whose 2011 revolution was started and run by socialists who demanded democracy be instated in Egypt and that the Egyptian people had the right to choose who they wanted.

The revolution brought about Western Democracy and the Egyptian people had the right to choose their own government, however they chose an ‘Islamic’ government rather than a Socialist one. Suddenly those same Socialists who had called for the revolution and ‘democracy’ suddenly started crying to the army for secularism and Sisi instigated a coup, the same Socialists even tried to defend him when he shot unarmed protesters, an issue they complained about when the army was doing it to protesters under Mubarak.

A similar case happened in Iran, however there the ‘Islamists’ were successful.

The fact is that Socialism to me means a system that distributes the wealth of a people fairly and according to the needs of those people. Different religions and cultures around the world make one version of Socialism for the whole world impossible, the sooner the Western Socialists start to realise this, the better it would be for Socialism.


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