Who’s Really Behind “Islamic” Terrorism

When it was proven that Moazzam Begg was working with the Mi5 it came to a shock to many, but it wasn’t surprising to the many others who had been saying that the anti-Assad militias in Syria were run by the West, israel and her allies for the past few years.

The one factor that caused many people to be surprised by this revelation was that he was in Guantanamo Bay, so why would he start working for the West? There are many theories for this, one that I reject however is that he, in his right mind, believed that working with the West would benefit the Muslim world, he seems far too intelligent to believe this sort of rubbish.

Also Abu Hamza, the former Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque, who was arrested for allegedly preaching hate, has claimed that he also worked with Mi5. It may be that many of these former agents are finding the courage to speak out against the secret services who have betrayed them.

Maajid Nawaz, just like Moazzam Begg, was locked away on apparent terrorism charges, but ended up working for the British government through his government funded thinktank: Quilliam, which many Muslims consider just another Islamophobic group, dressed up as a Muslim organisation. Although in different ways, they both betrayed their Ummah to Britain. The question is why?

Is it possible that maybe they were tortured into doing it? Is it possible that most of the terror suspects arrested and imprisoned, whilst being extremely isolated from those close to them.

Of course Maajid Nawaz makes a living off of his Islamophobic views, but the question is how did he go from someone who supposedly travelled abroad to fight a ‘jihad’ for what he believed was for the sake of Allah (swt) to someone who would sell out his religion.

This theory might be a little hard to believe for many people, however before disregarding it listen to the story of Mahdi Hashi.

Mahdi whom friends and family say was religious, but not extremist, was a youth worker in London and often a peacemaker between disputes. He was seen as a respectable figure of his community.

Whilst in Somalia, he was kidnapped and taken to Djibouti by police, before extradited to the US on terrorism charges, from where he is cut off from the world with only a brief phonecall to his family once a month.

The claims his family have made though have been that he was approached to spy on the Somali community for the CIA and when he refused he was arrested and threatened with torture, as well as being forced to view others being tortured. If this is true, it starts to open a whole load of questions, primarily: how big is this? And how many terrorists have been created this way?

As more and more evidence comes out proving that the so called ‘Islamist’ militias in Syria, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are in fact funded, armed, recruited and trained by western governments and their allies, it appears this is one of the methods that they are using to create these their mercernaries.

Remember when done right torture doesn’t just scare an individual in to giving in to the torturers demands, but also can psychologically convince people that something is or isn’t true, especially if can you make the victim feel like their people have betrayed them and that they owe them no loyalty.

Whilst groups like ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army continue to fight with barbaric means, so far removed from what Islam teaches that it is hard to believe that any Muslim could believe that these wars have anything to do with Islam and there must be more to their cause for taking part.

Just two weeks ago the FSA exploded two car bombs outside a primary school in Syria killing more than 45 children (some of whom are pictured below). This wasn’t the first time that the so called ‘moderate rebels’ whom Britain want to arm have attacked a school either.

The Wests war on terror has proven to be a guise to keep the Arab and Muslim nations fighting and destroying each other, so that they will never unite to end israeli apartheid in Palestine or get rid of US and European colonialism.

May Allah (swt) guide the Muslims.

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