Public Statement From Student Group Regarding The Case of Racism In UCS

After writing the article “Is There A Price On Acceptance Of Racism?” in April of this year about a case of racist remarks by artist Maggi Hambling and the institutional racism on part of the University Campus Suffolk in their response, I have received a statement from a group of students at the university who have organised a group to combat racism at UCS. The statement is printed below:


As a student group, we feel that the terms of the UCS equality and diversity policy are not being upheld to protect minority groups. Racism is a societal problem which needs to be eradicated and by UCS, a community educational institution, not taking action to address the incident effectively to date, is completely unjust for many reasons.

 UCS has stood back and done nothing other than try to cover the incident up and silence the people standing up for what is right. This lack of action suggests that UCS supports oppression and is in no way demonstrating that it can protect students/staff from similar incidents.

Racism was allowed to be publicly aired in UCS without rectification or challenge by a guest continually invited to be involved with UCS. This incident suggests institutional racism on UCS’s part and how unprepared they are in upholding their own policies to prevent discrimination.

 UCS left their student totally unsupported in this mater through the long difficult months. Ms Hambling caused the original upset, and as of yet, she has not been held responsible nor accountable.

In the meantime, JH has lost friends and fellow students, support networks, grades for his work, his dignity by being publicly humiliated, shown how white power and privilege has gone unchallenged and covered up to save the reputations of those involved.

Jason Hayes highlighted a problem that needs to be confronted to protect the students of UCS and community of Ipswich.

Fundamentally, JH was made to feel invisible for not being white!

In fact Maggi Hamblings work is currently on show at the University and will continue to be until the 14th of November, adding further insult to this situation. It is obvious that despite interest from certain sections of the media the university is still unable to see how offensive Maggi Hamblings rant is. The Daily Mail even picked up the story, however they were determined to only speak about Maggi Hamblings remarks and not mention the university’s institutional racist response.

If you wish to get involved in the student group please email Kez Charlton, at


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