Islam or BBC: Who Should Muslims Follow

Umar ibn al-Khattab, Khalid ibn Waleed, Nurredine Zengi, Salahudine al-Ayubi, Omar Mukhtar and El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. In the past Islam has never been short of heroes.

The Sahabi, The Assassins during the Crusades, The Ansar in Sudan, the Dervishes in Somalia and many different Muslim armies who fought against oppression, not always with a specific name, Islam is not short of heroic jihads in its past.

Abu Jaheel, Umayya ibn Kauf, Yazid, Reynard de Chatellon, Genghis Khan and Vlad the Impaler to name a few, Islam has also had its fair share of enemies.

Today, with the mass media, instead of being able to communicate better, the Muslim Ummah is now far more divided and unable to communicate ideas than ever before. Today our enemies tell us who our heroes are, who our enemies are, who our jihadists are and even what political Islam is. How is this possible?

Lets see who our heroes and leaders are according to the media. Our leaders according to the British media include a number of strange charecters, but probably the two main ones are Anjem Choudhary and Maajid Nawaz, two leaders who show two extremely warped versions of Islam, that the majority of Muslims do not follow or even respect. These represent the two versions of Islam the media would have us believe exist: ‘Extremist’ and ‘Moderate’, and the subconsious message that is portrayed is that the extremist Islam, which blows up civilians and beheads those who have different beliefs to themselves, is true Islam, and those who don’t believe this are “moderate” and therefore not really following Islam, they are Muslim only in name, however moderates do not actually practise and are not allowed to recognise Muslims being oppressed unless it is by other Muslims.

The term ‘Extremist’, in regards to terrorism, is in itself an Islamophobic phrase. An extremist is someone who takes something to the extreme, therefore when partaking in acts like suicide or killing civilians as the New York 9/11 attackers did, both of which are strictly forbidden in Islam, they are not taking Islam to the extreme, rather they are doing the complete opposite.

Also our latest high profile human rights case hero is a man called Moazzam Begg, who just happens to be a former Mi5 agent, who’s completely open about the fact that the British government sent him to setup paramilitery death squads to fight their war against Syria for them. Their target being Bashar al-Assad, who just happens to be one of the only Muslim leaders who hasn’t sold out his country to the Western, neo-Liberal, free market, capitalist, white supremacist, imperialist, Islamophobic empire, known to some neo-economists as the ‘Triad’. But the media has turned much of the British Muslim community against Assad, with the media making up lies about him targeting civilians and blaming Assad for atrocities with no proof and which when investigated always seem to end up being committed by the paramilitaries instead. The media and the help of Saudi Arabian handpicked sheikhs, Saudi Arabia being one of the Triad’s closest allies, have told us who our enemies are: Assad, Qadhafi, Iran and even Hizbollah, all of whom happen not to be part of the Triad’s empire. We are told that even Shia Muslims are our enemies now.

We campaigned for the release of an Mi5 agent who was fighting against us, yet hardly anyone in Britain protested for the freedom of Saif al-Islam Qadhafi, who is the best hope of ending the massacre taking place in Libya, which is predicted to continue for decades. How many Muslims marched for Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah, who was killed by the police in High Wycombe, how many Muslims have even heard of him? More Muslims marched to free an agent working for the state than for a brother killed by the state, but I guess it’s not as easy when you aren’t jumping on a media bandwagon.

In Britain we even allow the media to tell us who are ‘Jihadists’, to the point where Muslims are coming out and speaking out against those who are our enemies, but still referring to them as ‘Jihadists’. Jihad has very strict rules and groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS are far from Jihadists, they are those who are the enemies of Islam, not fighting for it. They break almost every Qur’an ayat or hadith on Jihad.

The term “Islamist” meaning someone who follows a political ideology based on Islam is constantly used by the media to describe terrorists or those who wish to put a Saudi Arabian ‘Wahhabist’ form of political sharia, which most Muslims dont agree with. We all have different ideas on what political sharia is, yet we are made to feel somehow we are opposing political sharia by not following their version.

We need to take back control of our religion, the Western States, ‘Israel’ and the corrupt monarchies in the Muslim World are our biggest enemies by far and for them to tell us who are our enemies, heroes, leaders and jihadists shows the complete disarray that the Muslim Ummah is in.

Our real jihadists include groups like Hamas, NDF and Hizbollah, as well as many unknown people who are fighting against oppression back home.

As far as our leaders go within the British Muslim community, we currently have none who are great, yet the amount of potential leaders I see within the youth is amazing, the only concern is that they may become brainwashed by agents or that they do speak the truth yet are turned on by the community. Maybe if these leaders appear we will finally be able to reclaim our words such as jihad, sharia and Caliphate, all of which seem to have been turned into dirty words by the media, when in fact to every Muslim they should be beautiful!


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