The Difference Between ISIS and Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister has compared the Hamas party in Palestine to ISIS, claiming they are both ‘Islamic Terrorist’ organisations. I thought it only fair to compare Israel to ISIS as well, just to clear up any misunderstanding about whether the two are alike and show why ISIS is evil whilst Israel isn’t.

ISIS is a group of people coming from different parts of the World, including a huge amount from Europe, in order to create their own country in the Middle East, whilst Israel is…………………..well the same thing really.

Ok bad example, ISIS are currently ethnically cleansing people of a different faith to them (Shias & Yezidis) and from a different race (Kurds), from the land they have occupied, whilst Israel………………………..yeah ok I suppose their doing the same to Arabs or Muslims and Christians in Palestine. Upon their list of places that should be included in their nation is Spain, which is crazy as Spain hasn’t been a Muslim country for almost a thousand years, whilst Palestine hasn’t been a Jewish nation for only two-thousand years.

But ISIS are a foreign army armed and trained by the US and her allies so therefore have no right to even be in the Middle East, many of their fighters are even coming over from Britain to fight there. Yet wait……. I just remembered Israel is the biggest receiver of aid from the US and in the “war” of 2014 many Jewish extremists flocked to Israel to join their ranks.

Alright, but think of the children, will someone please think of the children! ISIS are brainwashing the children in the schools they’ve set up into their ideology, whilst Israel only teaches the truth like that there is no such thing as Palestinians and Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land, because after fighting so hard in the Crusades to have the land they all decided to leave the third holiest site in Islam, so that one day a group of Jews would come back to the land and they could execute an evil plan to turn everyone against them and finally wipe out the Jews. However crazy this story might sound it’s nothing like ISIS trying to eradicate the history of the lands they capture, by destroying monuments and historical artefacts.

Ok well if we’re serious then they are the same, but at least Israel can justify itself due the suffering that Jews have suffered the last 100 years, including the holocaust in which six million Jews were killed, whilst Muslims have had everything going dandy for them the last 100 years, no invasions, violent coups, ethnic cleansing, bombing of their lands targeting civilians or oppression has ever happened to them has it.

Yet I think we are missing the most important point; that according to Israelis the land was given to them by God so it’s their religious duty to do all this, whilst ISIS…………..oh dear! I give up.


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