You sold your soul,
Became a souless soul,
In your heart,
There’s an unholy hole,

You have more wealth and power,
Than most will ever know,
But all you can do with it,
Is make it grow,

The path of greed,
Is the path you chose
You’re the slug,
That ate the rose,

You’re a slave to the lust,
That Shaytan imposed,
But however much you try drinkit dry,
The Nile still flows,

What we call misery and death,
You call profit,
To look in your eyes,
There’s nothing but greed within those sockets,

What and endless oblivion,
Must be your pockets,
Even your words,
Are nothing but toxic,

Does your heart not beat blood,
Like the blood you spill,
Are you not human,
Like those you kill,

Is there any point trying to reach you,
Knowing you’ll do it still,
And even if you stopped following your quest,
Someone else will


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