Unity In The Muslim Ummah

(For Global South Solidarity Society)

With 1.6 billion Muslims, the Ummah is the biggest nation on Earth. Yet we are divided over so many differences, whether it’s on sects, race, politics or tribes. We see ourselves as Sunni or Shi’ite, despite the fact that the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) did not describe himself as either, rather he was a Muslim. We argue about the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb al-Baath, Hizbollah, AKP, Islamic Republic, Hizb-ut Tahrir, the Third International Theory, Hizb-Omma, the Communist Party(s) and so forth, yet we don’t even have control of most of our own land. We’re arguing over how to run land that is currently not under our control to run, surely we should get our land back before we argue how it should be governed.

Unity is a word we often use. Many groups claim they want to ‘Unite the Ummah’ or ‘Unite the Arabs’ in order to defeat Imperialism and Zionism. Yet most of these groups want to unite the Ummah under their ideology and end up fighting other groups, many of whom are of very little difference to them. This is not unity, it is division. We can only unite by accepting each other’s differences and working together to free our nation.

It seems every month we’re hearing of another group claiming they will liberate us from “israel” and the West, whilst all they seem to do is kill Muslims.

But unity must start at home, in our families and local communities. We must make more of an effort to get over our differences and learn to debate like brothers and sisters, rather than argue like enemies. A united Ummah would be unstoppable and we could free our nation and develop it beyond anything, the US, Europe, China or Russia would even dream of. Divided we will never liberate ourselves, therefore the first goal of every political Muslim should be the practising and promotion of unity. One Ummah Under One God!


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