Hate For Love, Love For Hate

You claim to hate that which I love,

Yet that which I love loves you more than you could comprehend,

He knows that it is in fact you that you hate,

And His mercy is open for you until the very end,


You claim to hate that which I love,

And then you call that which I love the one who hates,

Maybe you are confused as too what He is,

For such love I don’t think you can contemplate,


You claim to hate those that He loves,

When those He loves want to bring His love to you,

They pray there is no seal on your heart,

I so wish you could see His way as I do


So do you hate me for loving love,

Do you hate me for wanting to go to our source,

How can I then fight for love with hate,

When you fight love without no remorse,


Do you judge me for following a book,

Of which you have not even read a word,

Are you jealous like the cow,

Trapped behind a fence looking up at the bird,


Why do you fear us so much

When all we want to show you is the love,

That we have for each other,

And for the One high up above?


I forgive you cos we know,

If we forgive others, He’ll forgive you,

But if you try to hurt us then I’ll fight,

Even though we hate it, it’s something we must do.


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