Shaytan In The Middle

She may have seemed cute

That’s why I never suspected

She may have seemed nice

That’s why she weren’t detected


But looks are deceiving

I said it but didn’t see

I was blinded by her charm

But that’s all it was for me


Sometimes I think it may

Have been partly my fault

Maybe I led her on in a way

Or maybe her heart was broke


But I swear I made it clear

But maybe words just aren’t enough

And my actions didn’t match them

Maybe she was in love or lust


Yet maybe she’s just jealous

Or maybe she is straight evil

Instigating dividing friends

Playing around with people


And I tried to be a good friend

And good friends you don’t avoid them

She may have poisoned your mind against me

But your mind was weak enough to be poisoned


Her scheming and her plotting

Was revealed but it weren’t just me

She did it too the others

But you chose to not trust me


Shaytan can seem so sweet,

But if he didn’t how could he deceive,

If he showed you who he was

You would just tell him “Leave”


I guess you girls stick together

So you’ll believe her evil plots

But maybe in the distant future

You’ll look back and join the dots


And then you’ll understand

Why she turned you against me

Then you’ll realise the truth

That I was not the real enemy


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