Waiting For Your Message

Hitchcock couldn’t direct such suspense,
Every vibration I’m checking my phone,
Disappointed that it’s not you,
Surrounded by people yet I feel so alone.

My stomach is clenched so tight,
Nerves have made my body feel numb,
Feeling so impatient whilst I’m waiting,
Why did I let it reach this far, I’m so dumb.

And pacing around unable to stay still,
Such eagerness to go and pray,
My salah’s for Allah but my dua is for you,
I’m not even sure of what I will say,

Usually I ask Allah to give me whats best,
But this time whether you’re good for me I no longer care,
I feel ill with nerves with butterflies,
Hoping I look at my screen and your name is there.

I’m trying to take my mind off of you,
Yet how can one forget all he cares for,
Something keeps telling me to give up,
But this time failure I’m not prepared for.

This is what it must be like to slowly die,
The more time goes by the more blood you lose,
But instead of blood I’m losing hope,
Now my life can only be saved by you.


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