Some Things For Global South Communities To Consider In This Election

For many years I’ve been campaigning and propagating anti-Imperialist and anti-Racist politics and for most of that time I’ve been told don’t blame the British people for the actions of their government. This is a sentiment I have always echoed because the British people have no real choice but two racist warmongers in every election. I always believed that if given the choice they would vote for peace, equality and human rights.

But now we see a genuine anti-Imperialist and anti-Racist candidate in Jeremy Corbyn and I was excited when he got selected as leader of the Labour Party believing there was no way he could lose, surely just the fact he wants to put the poor before the rich would be enough to sway poor white voters.

Yet the polls show that he is polling at the most around 39% of the electorate. That is only slightly more than a third of them. Basically, the other 61% are saying we don’t give a damn about you. I can understand in Scotland where the anti-war SNP have a chance and in Brighton where the Greens can win that these are exceptions, but these are a tiny minority of the 61%. Even Green voters in other constituencies would rather vote for a party that can’t win than genuinely try and stop the warmonger Theresa May. Come on now this isn’t a game, we are being massacred!

I know people will blabber on this doesn’t mean they support wars and racism. They are basically saying “I don’t agree with her massacre of Global South peoples, but I do agree with her stance on Brexit”. Its time white people began taking responsibility for their people. When there is a terrorist attack in Britain they keep telling Muslims to deal with terrorism, but the terrorist who killed 22 people in Manchester was reported five times by the Muslim community yet “anti-terror” organisations seem more interested in harassing primary school kids for drawing pictures.

The Conservatives have shamelessly tried to use the terrorist attack against Jeremy Corbyn, but it was the Conservative Party, including May, that armed, trained, recruited for and funded the terrorist organisations fighting in Libya that taught this terrorist his ideology, then they bombed Libya helping these groups to destroy the country. The blood of those 22 people, plus hundreds of thousands of people in Libya are on the hands of May and the Conservatives. People want to blame Jeremy Corbyn and Muslims for something that is the fault of the Conservatives and White people.

When 20-25% of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria come from the West despite Western Muslims making up less than 0.1% of Muslims, this is a disproportionate number that cannot be ignored. Obviously, this is still an extremely tiny number of Western Muslims, but we can’t hide from the fact that it is be Western morals and cultural ideologies that must be blamed, yet they tell us its Islam.

Both these last two examples show many people don’t care enough about terrorism to look at the real problems, they just want to spread irrational hatred against Muslims and Islam.

So, with this election coming we shall see what the British people say about us, do they see us as human beings or an easy target to divert their self-hatred? Make sure they know that they must take responsibility for their actions, not using their privilege to help us when its built of the conquest of the Global South is not acceptable. How many Germans turned a blind eye during the holocaust and told themselves that they didn’t agree with it so it wasn’t their responsibility to do something about it? And just saying you don’t support the EDL, Britain First or UKIP just isn’t cutting it. I have stood up for the average British person in the past over this issue, let’s hope they don’t prove me wrong.


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