Reality is falling apart, the World’s like a dream,
Or a nightmare is a better description.
One where all sense is replaced with confusion,
It’s too wild even to be a work of fiction.

I always used to think that I was mad,
Until I realised a more depressing truth,
That it was in fact this society that’s mad
And I happen to be one of the sane few.

Where we want to fight for peace,
By starting yet another war of terror.
I dream of a World without such nonsense,
But perhaps nonsense will live on forever.

Following my heart is considered insane,
Because I refuse to conform.
What’s the point in pretending to normal,
Now abnormality has become the norm.

This planet spins on a constant loop.
An insane carousel of day by day life.
We chase material inanimate objects.
This modern day idolatry has become rife.

It’s all completely lost and out of control,
Like I’m trapped in a paprika cartoon,
Where the media calls you racist for calling out racism.
Feminists are attacked for calling a spoon a spoon.

Invisible tears forever falling
For the sake of this life full of division,
We forget our love and spiritual connections,
We’re overcome by individualism.

So forgive me for my madness
As the clowns surround me in your circus.
I don’t care about collecting invisible numbers,
I believe that I have a higher purpose.

When people are addicted to a slow suicide,
Paying the corporations for our own poison.
Womens bodies sexualised are now objects,
There for advertising everywhere you can’t avoid them.

And I try not to drown in this sea of chaos,
But I am tired of trying to swim against this tide.
I might as well give up and be pulled under
Into the whirlpool that surrounds me and enjoy the ride.

When insanity has become normality
Is it still insanity or is it now just society.
They call Liberal extremism moderate
Or centrism, but its gone far beyond individual variety.

Dog eat dog mentality
And every man or winen for themself.
Common sense dictates you help your community,
But we run away from common sense in pursuit of wealth.

So I understand those that escape with drugs
And run away from reality into illusion of sanity,
Because sometimes I feel I’m the only sane one left,
Though I know that in itself is just another form of modern vanity.

My Unattainable Dream

I reach for the stars in a starless night,
Knowing there isn’t one I can’t reach if I believe,
The impossible is inevitable if I so wish,
What are dreams for but to be acheived?

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I will not fall apart!
I will not break down!
I will mend my broken heart!
I’ll keep rising for the crown!

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Modern Madness

Everywhere I go the people are miserable,
It’s like this society has lost everything spiritual,
We are brainwashed to believe what success is,
We must follow their ideals on how to be respected.

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If Like Me You Feel

If like me you feel
That something is wrong with the World,
Maybe you can’t put your finger on the problem,
You must start with changing yourself.

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My Heart Is Like

My heart is like fire, 🔥❤

It burns with an uncontrollable passion,

Nothing can extinguish my raging dreams,

As I put forth my burning desires from theories into action,

How can I douse such a passion,

When I see how much of the World needs to change?

So, I burn the oil lamp throughout the night like Garvey,

And the fire in my heart continues to blaze.

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I Keep On

Wake up in the morning can’t get out of bed,

First thing is problems running through my head,

I wanna close my eyes and sleep forever,

But if I’m gonna go anywhere I know I got to get up,


Splash water on my face from the kitchen sink,

Trying not to go crazy, but I’m on the brink,

Gotta slow down on the energy drinks and think,

When I write it’s like my pen is bleeding ink,


I feel like I’m swimming against the flow of a river,

And I don’t know where it starts or where I’ll be delivered,

Still I keep on swimming, I can’t be a quitter,

Even if I tried I don’t think I remember how to give up,


No time for wasting I delinked so many mates,

But to reach my dreams loneliness is a price I must pay,

And I know I should find a little more time to pray,

Because I rarely make Salat five times a day,

Ya Allah help me find my way,

I know you’re beside me every step that I take,

I can’t be consumed with hate, no matter how much my heart breaks,

Can’t ever let myself cry or I’d cry rivers and lakes,


Trying to work, pay bills, organize and get a degree,

Verily with hardship there must be ease,

And I found an escape through my poetry,

Whatever life throws at me I got a release,


Now I try to make molehills out of the mountains I’m facing,

Trying to play catchup with a life I’m chasing,

Trying to break free from the wrath of Masons,

I know it’s for the coming of Dajjal they’re waiting,


Still I feel locked in this consumerist trap,

Where you’re closest friends could stab you in your back,

And I never get the chance to relax,

Yet I know what I want and you better believe I’m chasing that!