So as the kementche plays our sorrowful song,
We’re still not ready yet to accept defeat,
Because the genocide wanted to erase our entire existence,
So as long as our culture lives it isn’t complete.

Even if they gave me a choice between London Dungeon,

Or the stolen wealth of the Tower of London,

Were they to try give me amnesia I would never let them,

For they are the Children of Adam, how could I forget them?

I know that I lover her,

Of this I’m sure,

Because with her I suffer

And without her I suffer more.

Seen so much pain, surprised my eyes ain’t bleeding,

So many nightmares come true, surprised I’m still dreaming,

Heart’s been broken so many times, surprised it’s still beating,

I’m Cretan, it’s in my blood to fight for freedom!

No it feels like the future is a black hole,

An endless oblivion where my feelings will grow,

But I have to stay patient as I walk into the unknown,

Because whether she’s my destiny only God does know.

For even though the mountain to my right to win your love

Is impossibly high and too steep forever get up,

The mountain on my left to get over you is just as high,

I don’t even want to forget you so why would I try?

How can I take my mind from you

When it’s always dreaming about you?

To forget you I’d have to forget

Every other memory I have too.

When you hear the caged bird it ain’t tweeting,

It’s screaming out in pain for its freedom,

It doesn’t understand the reason,

That it’s stuck with no hope of ever leaving.

The leaders treat the World like a chessboard,

It’s time that both the black and the white pawns,

Stop fighting each other and get together

And checkmate our own kings, revolutionary war!

Somehow, we couldn’t escape the games,
They went on so long we couldn’t break the chains,
And I know you think you lost, but if so we both did lose,
For how could I have won if I don’t have you?