Reality is falling apart, the World’s like a dream,
Or a nightmare is a better description.
One where all sense is replaced with confusion,
It’s too wild even to be a work of fiction.

I always used to think that I was mad,
Until I realised a more depressing truth,
That it was in fact this society that’s mad
And I happen to be one of the sane few.

Where we want to fight for peace,
By starting yet another war of terror.
I dream of a World without such nonsense,
But perhaps nonsense will live on forever.

Following my heart is considered insane,
Because I refuse to conform.
What’s the point in pretending to normal,
Now abnormality has become the norm.

This planet spins on a constant loop.
An insane carousel of day by day life.
We chase material inanimate objects.
This modern day idolatry has become rife.

It’s all completely lost and out of control,
Like I’m trapped in a paprika cartoon,
Where the media calls you racist for calling out racism.
Feminists are attacked for calling a spoon a spoon.

Invisible tears forever falling
For the sake of this life full of division,
We forget our love and spiritual connections,
We’re overcome by individualism.

So forgive me for my madness
As the clowns surround me in your circus.
I don’t care about collecting invisible numbers,
I believe that I have a higher purpose.

When people are addicted to a slow suicide,
Paying the corporations for our own poison.
Womens bodies sexualised are now objects,
There for advertising everywhere you can’t avoid them.

And I try not to drown in this sea of chaos,
But I am tired of trying to swim against this tide.
I might as well give up and be pulled under
Into the whirlpool that surrounds me and enjoy the ride.

When insanity has become normality
Is it still insanity or is it now just society.
They call Liberal extremism moderate
Or centrism, but its gone far beyond individual variety.

Dog eat dog mentality
And every man or winen for themself.
Common sense dictates you help your community,
But we run away from common sense in pursuit of wealth.

So I understand those that escape with drugs
And run away from reality into illusion of sanity,
Because sometimes I feel I’m the only sane one left,
Though I know that in itself is just another form of modern vanity.

Suicide Bridge

She looked at the cars passing beneath her,
From ferraris to beat up ford escorts,
Passing down the hill from one world to the other,
Archway Road, a sea separating two different ports.

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Allow me to greet you all with a deep
Tale, I may keep you a while, so please take a seat.
In the summer heat of a North London street,
Wood Green High Road if you know of what I speak,
Walking you’ll see peeps looking to treat
Themselves to a sweet new outfit in the heat,
Or with a friend casually gossiping as they eat,
There’s an individual Pete I’d like you to meet.

You see Pete based, got spaced, heart raced,
Got a taste for that first pipe that he chased, but wait,
He could have been someone, but it weren’t his fate, what a waste,
But let us look back and trace the life that he faced.
Dad was a disgrace and left him in a haste,
Mum couldn’t cope had social workers on her case,
“One day things will improve” is what she says,
But life goes by at such a furious pace.

See mumzy couldn’t cope started snorting coke,
Tied to the drug like a rope so she was always broke.
Pete vowed that he would stay as clean as soap,
But at school was seen as a dope the butt of every joke.
First he wanted to elope but one day saw a bloke
Smoking on dope who asked Pete if he wanted a toke.
Pete said nope, but watched it go down mans throat.
It invoked an idea in his mind that gave him some hope.

So he started to shot pot then rock,
Made a lot of gwok off his stock, but knew not when to stop,
But you see what happens when you have set up shop
With drugs, often what happens is it’s you who gets got.
For the devil plots nonstop to make you drop
From grace like he did, fell from the top.
Now Pete’s at the crack spot a lot,
Even though it is hot he has no fear of getting locked up by the cops.

The road is cold when you have sold
Your sole, he grew a habit that he couldn’t control.
He tried to be bold, but couldn’t break out the mould,
Looking far more old then he was, looking like a toad.
Not living by any code all he wants is that pipe to hold,
Everything he touched turned to mold like Midas with gold.
He couldn’t satisfy his need with what he got from the dole
Owed the wrong man Joel and was too deeply involved.

See Pete stole his stash, but got caught and they clashed,
First Joel asked for the cash trying not to be rash,
But when that failed he had to draw for the mash.
Pete tried to make a dash but was higher than a ship’s mast,
Stumbling he was not fast enough and he heard a blast
And that is the last we’ll hear of Pete, his die was cast.
So this ghastly story ends with a crash,
I hope you learn a little something from Pete’s tragic past.

Let Me Be Your Legend

You are the modern Helen of Sparta,
One thought of you and I launch 1000 ships,
From my heart across oceans of doubt,
Not knowing if I will return but you’re worth the risk.
The prophecies tell me I wont breach the walls,
Of your heart but still I fight as it’s all I know,
You are my strength, my weakness, my Achilles heel,
But you struck me not with Paris’ but with Eros’ arrow.

I will travel far from home across the Mediterranean,
To sacrifice myself like fourteen Athenians in Crete,
Ready to take on an entire empire for your sake,
Even if I cross the minotaur I will try to slay the beast,
Lost in thoughts of you like a Minoan labyrinth,
I have no string to guide me my steps can’t  be retraced,
My Ariadne, my princess, my only hope of escape,
After you there is no Phaedra you can never be replaced.

Like Perseus I’m frozen when I look in your eyes,
More beautiful than Afrodite or beauty itself,
To find you I will even enter Hades or death,
Like Orpheus looking for his love in the depths of hell,
Like Odysseus I will keep going to find you again,
I will not be tempted by even Circe or Calypso on my journey,
My Penelope, Ithika exists only in your eyes,
Like Icarus I’ll fly so high in love even if you only burn me.

So I will complete numerous labours like Herakles,
The more I fight my feelings the stronger they get like a hydra,
And I want to be your hero and stay strong for  you like Ajax,
Though I know like Penthesilia you are your own fighter,
But you don’t have to be alone like Medeas ending,
So let me fight beside you like Meleagar and Atalanta.
My Oracle of Delphi prophesizes certain failure,
But I ignore my logics prophecy like it is Cassandra.

Black Hole

There’s a black hole upon the Black Sea,

Missing 3,000 years of our history,

And cos of where I’m from they would attack me,

But where I’m from now is a mystery.

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The World Will Never Be The Same

The World will never again be the same!

How can it be the whole globe is on lockdown?

All of life has come to a standstill,

But life must go on it cannot stop now.

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March of the Elves

As the sun was eclipsed by evil
And the forces of the dark lord invaded,
Oppression became the fate of our people
As the hope of our nation faded.

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