Heart and Mind

🧠: Stop, I’m begging you please stop
❤️: I can’t, I don’t know how to change,
🧠: You need to please, we can’t handle this pain,
Why does the heart never want to listen to the brain?

❤️: And why does the brain belittle the heart,
Why does it act as if I am insane?
Thoughts of love? aren’t thoughts your department?
Then why is it only me who’s to blame?

🧠: For you think thoughts devoid of logic,
It’s ok to dream as long as you accept reality,
That’s why they call it “losing your mind”
For without me you are but lost in insanity

❤️: The societal logic that you speak about,
“Insanity” is just not conforming to society’s norm,
Real insanity is still insanity even if a majority
Of people follow it, more than the drops of rain in a storm

What is insanity really, its to go against ones nature
As to love uncontrollably, nothing is more natural
And it’s natural to rise and fall, love and be hurt
Rather than be devoid of emotions because you think tactical

🧠: You’re nothing but a dreamer more dangerous
Than an army of demons dreaming impossibilities
❤️: What use is a mind if you can’t use it to dream,
What the hell is the point in your abilities?

What is the point in intelligence if you can’t use it
To achieve such dreams of delightful glee?
If ignorance is bliss then I’d rather be stupid,
I’d rather be blind if failure is all I could see.

🧠: Denial is not true happiness you must learn
Contentment comes only from accepting what’s true
It’s not real happiness it’s but a facade
And you know that deep down in your…..well you

❤️: And what if there is no middle ground between us
And between both of our extremist views
Do I stay without any feelings and not take the risk
Of failing in my purpose and being left bruised

🧠: Perhaps you just weren’t meant to have such love
Afterall if everyone felt such love it would no longer be unique
❤️: Then I will forever chase a dream of love
Even if I know deep down my destiny is defeat

Nothing else can compete with loves beauty
And nothing ever will, I’d rather blindly dream
Then feel nothing at all like an empty shell
It’s worth the pain however mad such an idea may seem

🧠: Why not be sensible my sweet heart?
Why not listen when everyone advises you to quit?
♥️: Why in everything else do people say follow your heart
No matter how hard your dream seems believe in it?

But when it comes to love I must accept the truth,
When it’s more important than any other dream we’ve had
You know you can’t get her off of you
And in your subconscious you want to fight just as bad

If she’s not right for us why does she enter your thoughts?
🍆: Because she’s hot, just look at her body
🧠: Stay out of this, you’re even more trouble
♥️: Don’t get involved, both of us are keeping it Godly

🧠: But seriously though I’ll tell you what you already know
Whilst you’ll completely ignore me like you always do
And I’ll watch you without being able to stop you
And once again see everything I predicted come true

Then you’ll look to me to find a solution,
For the fact that you’ve broken yourself in two
You’ll ask me to find a way to stop all our hurting
But we’ll have noone else to blame but you

♥️: And still I’d do it a thousand times again
I don’t regret chasing happiness nor will I ever
🧠: I guess to not do, I would always regret not trying
♥️: Then perhaps in this it is the heart not the brain that is clever.

Do You?

In all the chaos of the World,
As we are watching it fall,
I can’t help but wonder
Do you think of me at all?

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My Heart Is Like

My heart is like fire, 🔥❤

It burns with an uncontrollable passion,

Nothing can extinguish my raging dreams,

As I put forth my burning desires from theories into action,

How can I douse such a passion,

When I see how much of the World needs to change?

So, I burn the oil lamp throughout the night like Garvey,

And the fire in my heart continues to blaze.

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Wait Too Long

Tick tock tick tock tick tock,

Time goes by on the watch you bought me for my birthday,

And I stagger through the desert not knowing how long,

I must endure this desertion, how long I must stay thirsty.

I guess I cant complain I have no one to blame but myself,

Because the way I acted with you was unfair and wrong,

So I will give you the time you need and I will wait for you,

Until you’re ready, just please don’t make me wait too long!

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Seen so much pain, surprised my eyes ain’t bleeding,

So many nightmares come true, surprised I’m still dreaming,

Heart’s been broken so many times, surprised it’s still beating,

I’m Cretan, it’s in my blood to fight for freedom!

No it feels like the future is a black hole,

An endless oblivion where my feelings will grow,

But I have to stay patient as I walk into the unknown,

Because whether she’s my destiny only God does know.

You Are The Sun

You are the sun,

How could I compare you to anything else?

Like when you’re around all the World comes to life,

My heart of ice can’t do nothing but melt.

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Why Do You Love Me?

Why do you love me?
It makes no sense when I’ve treated you so bad,
When all I do is upset you all the time,
And we seem to constantly drive each other mad,

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For even though the mountain to my right to win your love

Is impossibly high and too steep forever get up,

The mountain on my left to get over you is just as high,

I don’t even want to forget you so why would I try?

How can I take my mind from you

When it’s always dreaming about you?

To forget you I’d have to forget

Every other memory I have too.