Heart and Mind

🧠: Stop, I’m begging you please stop
❤️: I can’t, I don’t know how to change,
🧠: You need to please, we can’t handle this pain,
Why does the heart never want to listen to the brain?

❤️: And why does the brain belittle the heart,
Why does it act as if I am insane?
Thoughts of love? aren’t thoughts your department?
Then why is it only me who’s to blame?

🧠: For you think thoughts devoid of logic,
It’s ok to dream as long as you accept reality,
That’s why they call it “losing your mind”
For without me you are but lost in insanity

❤️: The societal logic that you speak about,
“Insanity” is just not conforming to society’s norm,
Real insanity is still insanity even if a majority
Of people follow it, more than the drops of rain in a storm

What is insanity really, its to go against ones nature
As to love uncontrollably, nothing is more natural
And it’s natural to rise and fall, love and be hurt
Rather than be devoid of emotions because you think tactical

🧠: You’re nothing but a dreamer more dangerous
Than an army of demons dreaming impossibilities
❤️: What use is a mind if you can’t use it to dream,
What the hell is the point in your abilities?

What is the point in intelligence if you can’t use it
To achieve such dreams of delightful glee?
If ignorance is bliss then I’d rather be stupid,
I’d rather be blind if failure is all I could see.

🧠: Denial is not true happiness you must learn
Contentment comes only from accepting what’s true
It’s not real happiness it’s but a facade
And you know that deep down in your…..well you

❤️: And what if there is no middle ground between us
And between both of our extremist views
Do I stay without any feelings and not take the risk
Of failing in my purpose and being left bruised

🧠: Perhaps you just weren’t meant to have such love
Afterall if everyone felt such love it would no longer be unique
❤️: Then I will forever chase a dream of love
Even if I know deep down my destiny is defeat

Nothing else can compete with loves beauty
And nothing ever will, I’d rather blindly dream
Then feel nothing at all like an empty shell
It’s worth the pain however mad such an idea may seem

🧠: Why not be sensible my sweet heart?
Why not listen when everyone advises you to quit?
♥️: Why in everything else do people say follow your heart
No matter how hard your dream seems believe in it?

But when it comes to love I must accept the truth,
When it’s more important than any other dream we’ve had
You know you can’t get her off of you
And in your subconscious you want to fight just as bad

If she’s not right for us why does she enter your thoughts?
🍆: Because she’s hot, just look at her body
🧠: Stay out of this, you’re even more trouble
♥️: Don’t get involved, both of us are keeping it Godly

🧠: But seriously though I’ll tell you what you already know
Whilst you’ll completely ignore me like you always do
And I’ll watch you without being able to stop you
And once again see everything I predicted come true

Then you’ll look to me to find a solution,
For the fact that you’ve broken yourself in two
You’ll ask me to find a way to stop all our hurting
But we’ll have noone else to blame but you

♥️: And still I’d do it a thousand times again
I don’t regret chasing happiness nor will I ever
🧠: I guess to not do, I would always regret not trying
♥️: Then perhaps in this it is the heart not the brain that is clever.

Still I

I can still dream, even without hope,
I am still holding on, even without a rope,
I am still fighting, climbing an endless slope,
Not knowing how to stop, but also how to cope.

I can still wish, even though the stars say otherwise,
I am still here, even if you put me down to size,
I am still in love, even if my heart dies,
I can’t help it, I’m gone with one look into your eyes.

I can still scheme, even if I overthink every variable,
I can still fight, even if the pain is unbearable,
I can still try, even if I must prepare to do
Every little thing that I can to let you know I’ll be there for you.

Hopeless Happiness

You can turn my rain into sun 
And turn my sun into rain 
Make me happier than I’ve ever been 
Or cause me the worse pain 

You can make unable to get up 
Leave me lying on the floor 
Or make me fly higher than ever 
Spread my wings and soar 

You are my rollercoaster 
You can make me rise and fall 
You can make or break my day 
With just one phone call 

You can make my heart go up and down 
That way you are my stairs 
You have my heart in your hand 
So please handle it with care 

I feel sorry for anyone 
Too scared to give in to their feelings 
I wouldn’t sacrifice the joy or pain 
I never want to stop dreaming 

I would never live in a comfort zone 
For how can one live life void of emotion 
When such a state is barely living 
I love being trapped in hopeless devotion 

A Better Man

A better man would have listened
Rather than have spoke,
And when you feared you’d hurt him,
Would have pretended it was a joke,

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Journey of Love

If an ant was taken across the Sahara,
From the Red Sea coast to the Atlantic shores,
It’ll find it’s way over infinite grains of sand,
Nothing can lead it astray from loves course,

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My Unattainable Dream

I reach for the stars in a starless night,
Knowing there isn’t one I can’t reach if I believe,
The impossible is inevitable if I so wish,
What are dreams for but to be acheived?

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Why Do They Call It Heartbreak?

Why do they call it heartbreak?

When it makes my stomach hurt

And it stops my brain from focussing,

But my heart continues to work.

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Do You?

In all the chaos of the World,
As we are watching it fall,
I can’t help but wonder
Do you think of me at all?

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Let Me Be Your Legend Video

My Only Comfort Is The Moon Video

In the night when I cant sleep,
I go to the roof and look up at the sky,
The moon is full and anything is possible,
So I endlessly think of her and sigh.
The moon is bright in between the stars,
And in my head repeats the sweetest tune,
I try to replicate it on my flute to convey my pain,
Whilst knowing that my only comfort is the moon.

She taught me to love the moon,
For her skin is of the same compleaxion,
And it glows just like the moon does,
To make her dark eyes always attract my attention,
And I feel so lost without her here,
I can’t stay in bed I must get out my room,
Out my house and into the garden,
As I know that my only comfort is the moon.

I see her face in the moon,
Maybe the wolf also sees her face,
Otherwise how does it howl with such longing,
Towards such an unreachable place
And her World is so so far away,
I dream of going there to see her morning and afternoon,
But in the night is when I miss her the most,
And my only possible comfort is the moon.

Just as there is a moon in the sky
There is another moon on the Earth,
But shes so far away from me,
That I try to forget her but it makes it worse,
And every time that I picture her,
I know that my peace of mind has met its doom,
All I can do now is stare longingly at the sky,
For my only comfort is the moon.

I’m lost in a confused wilderness,
Not knowing how to live without her,
Trying to remember how I used to survive,
But I can’t remember my feelings before I found her,
I can’t remember anytime in my life,
Ever since I entered this world and left the womb,
Of when I had wanted anything as bad,
But now my only comfort is the moon.

The night is calm and peaceful,
In the distance I can hear a sirens blare,
Too dark to see the other gardens,
But whatever else the moon is there.
And I wonder if I’ll feel like this forever,
Or at least until Azrayil comes to visit my tomb,
Cos I feel like this heartache will never end,
And my hearts only comfort is the moon.