Ya Allah

Lying on the ground
My energy drained like water in a drought
Unable to even lift my head towards the skies
And I try to scream but nothing comes out
When all else has forsaken me
And my dreams fall apart like wet tissue paper
All else seems lost like raft in the middle of the Pacific
I manage to move my tongue once more and call the Creator:

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Love Poetry Hate Islamophobia Zoom Event – 29/11/2020

If Like Me You Feel

If like me you feel
That something is wrong with the World,
Maybe you can’t put your finger on the problem,
You must start with changing yourself.

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Even if they gave me a choice between London Dungeon,

Or the stolen wealth of the Tower of London,

Were they to try give me amnesia I would never let them,

For they are the Children of Adam, how could I forget them?

Some say we are dreaming believing in Him the unseen,

Even though all of existence is but His dream.