Your Name

You know you’re crazy about someone
When seeing them makes your heart shake with such a jolt,
But just merely seeing your name written
It feels like my heart’s been hit with a thunderbolt!

When I see it pop up upon my phone screen
That thunderbolt turns into a lightning storm,
Whatever I’m going through my heart starts pounding
And whatever my mood it rises like the sun at dawn.

Just seeing the places were we’ve hung out,
I picture you there still like you’re a ghost,
Like a refugee picturing his home across the vast ocean
Whilst sitting dreamily upon the coast.

Oh my gazelle the mere sound of your name
Believe me it distracts me completely from all else,
I so want to scream it out loud like a madman,
Only my pride manages to allow me to control myself.

A simple text message out of the blue
Makes me want to jump with such a joy I am feeling,
I read it critically like it’s a literary epic
And try to decifer its hidden meanings.

Just seeing your picture makes my day
And I smile by myself like a complete nutter.
You phone and I have so much I want to tell you
Then I hear your perfect voice and……I just stutter.


Was the sun made of shimmering gold
And were all the stars diamonds shining in the night sky,
They would still not be as precious
To me as it is having you in my life,
Was the moon made of silver,
And Saturn surrounded by a platinum ring,
I had enough wealth to cover jupiter with gems
Without you in my life it would not mean a thing.

Where all the deserts made of sugar,
And the oceans made of Greek honey,
It could never compare to you in sweetness,
Or ever come close to being as lovely,
Was the Nile made of golden syrup,
And Mangos were piled up as high as the himalayas,
You would still be my sweetheart my love
I couldn’t have dreamt of anything sweeter in all my prayers.

The sounds of the waterfall crashing down,
In such a furious but relaxing roar,
Pales in power to the sound of your voice,
For there is none more than you that I adore,
The sight of the sunset over London,
With its vast mural of colours,
Is nothing compared to that of your face,
You are perfect and next to you there is no other.

Hopeless Happiness

You can turn my rain into sun 
And turn my sun into rain 
Make me happier than I’ve ever been 
Or cause me the worse pain 

You can make unable to get up 
Leave me lying on the floor 
Or make me fly higher than ever 
Spread my wings and soar 

You are my rollercoaster 
You can make me rise and fall 
You can make or break my day 
With just one phone call 

You can make my heart go up and down 
That way you are my stairs 
You have my heart in your hand 
So please handle it with care 

I feel sorry for anyone 
Too scared to give in to their feelings 
I wouldn’t sacrifice the joy or pain 
I never want to stop dreaming 

I would never live in a comfort zone 
For how can one live life void of emotion 
When such a state is barely living 
I love being trapped in hopeless devotion 

A Better Man

A better man would have listened
Rather than have spoke,
And when you feared you’d hurt him,
Would have pretended it was a joke,

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Journey of Love

If an ant was taken across the Sahara,
From the Red Sea coast to the Atlantic shores,
It’ll find it’s way over infinite grains of sand,
Nothing can lead it astray from loves course,

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My Unattainable Dream

I reach for the stars in a starless night,
Knowing there isn’t one I can’t reach if I believe,
The impossible is inevitable if I so wish,
What are dreams for but to be acheived?

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Why Do They Call It Heartbreak?

Why do they call it heartbreak?

When it makes my stomach hurt

And it stops my brain from focussing,

But my heart continues to work.

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Body of Pain Video

This was not actually written aboutr Greece or anywhere in particular, rather about myself, but decided to give the video a Greek theme relating to alot of the struggles that Greece has been through in the last century.


I will not fall apart!
I will not break down!
I will mend my broken heart!
I’ll keep rising for the crown!

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