Heart and Mind

🧠: Stop, I’m begging you please stop
❤️: I can’t, I don’t know how to change,
🧠: You need to please, we can’t handle this pain,
Why does the heart never want to listen to the brain?

❤️: And why does the brain belittle the heart,
Why does it act as if I am insane?
Thoughts of love? aren’t thoughts your department?
Then why is it only me who’s to blame?

🧠: For you think thoughts devoid of logic,
It’s ok to dream as long as you accept reality,
That’s why they call it “losing your mind”
For without me you are but lost in insanity

❤️: The societal logic that you speak about,
“Insanity” is just not conforming to society’s norm,
Real insanity is still insanity even if a majority
Of people follow it, more than the drops of rain in a storm

What is insanity really, its to go against ones nature
As to love uncontrollably, nothing is more natural
And it’s natural to rise and fall, love and be hurt
Rather than be devoid of emotions because you think tactical

🧠: You’re nothing but a dreamer more dangerous
Than an army of demons dreaming impossibilities
❤️: What use is a mind if you can’t use it to dream,
What the hell is the point in your abilities?

What is the point in intelligence if you can’t use it
To achieve such dreams of delightful glee?
If ignorance is bliss then I’d rather be stupid,
I’d rather be blind if failure is all I could see.

🧠: Denial is not true happiness you must learn
Contentment comes only from accepting what’s true
It’s not real happiness it’s but a facade
And you know that deep down in your…..well you

❤️: And what if there is no middle ground between us
And between both of our extremist views
Do I stay without any feelings and not take the risk
Of failing in my purpose and being left bruised

🧠: Perhaps you just weren’t meant to have such love
Afterall if everyone felt such love it would no longer be unique
❤️: Then I will forever chase a dream of love
Even if I know deep down my destiny is defeat

Nothing else can compete with loves beauty
And nothing ever will, I’d rather blindly dream
Then feel nothing at all like an empty shell
It’s worth the pain however mad such an idea may seem

🧠: Why not be sensible my sweet heart?
Why not listen when everyone advises you to quit?
♥️: Why in everything else do people say follow your heart
No matter how hard your dream seems believe in it?

But when it comes to love I must accept the truth,
When it’s more important than any other dream we’ve had
You know you can’t get her off of you
And in your subconscious you want to fight just as bad

If she’s not right for us why does she enter your thoughts?
🍆: Because she’s hot, just look at her body
🧠: Stay out of this, you’re even more trouble
♥️: Don’t get involved, both of us are keeping it Godly

🧠: But seriously though I’ll tell you what you already know
Whilst you’ll completely ignore me like you always do
And I’ll watch you without being able to stop you
And once again see everything I predicted come true

Then you’ll look to me to find a solution,
For the fact that you’ve broken yourself in two
You’ll ask me to find a way to stop all our hurting
But we’ll have noone else to blame but you

♥️: And still I’d do it a thousand times again
I don’t regret chasing happiness nor will I ever
🧠: I guess to not do, I would always regret not trying
♥️: Then perhaps in this it is the heart not the brain that is clever.


Reality is falling apart, the World’s like a dream,
Or a nightmare is a better description.
One where all sense is replaced with confusion,
It’s too wild even to be a work of fiction.

I always used to think that I was mad,
Until I realised a more depressing truth,
That it was in fact this society that’s mad
And I happen to be one of the sane few.

Where we want to fight for peace,
By starting yet another war of terror.
I dream of a World without such nonsense,
But perhaps nonsense will live on forever.

Following my heart is considered insane,
Because I refuse to conform.
What’s the point in pretending to normal,
Now abnormality has become the norm.

This planet spins on a constant loop.
An insane carousel of day by day life.
We chase material inanimate objects.
This modern day idolatry has become rife.

It’s all completely lost and out of control,
Like I’m trapped in a paprika cartoon,
Where the media calls you racist for calling out racism.
Feminists are attacked for calling a spoon a spoon.

Invisible tears forever falling
For the sake of this life full of division,
We forget our love and spiritual connections,
We’re overcome by individualism.

So forgive me for my madness
As the clowns surround me in your circus.
I don’t care about collecting invisible numbers,
I believe that I have a higher purpose.

When people are addicted to a slow suicide,
Paying the corporations for our own poison.
Womens bodies sexualised are now objects,
There for advertising everywhere you can’t avoid them.

And I try not to drown in this sea of chaos,
But I am tired of trying to swim against this tide.
I might as well give up and be pulled under
Into the whirlpool that surrounds me and enjoy the ride.

When insanity has become normality
Is it still insanity or is it now just society.
They call Liberal extremism moderate
Or centrism, but its gone far beyond individual variety.

Dog eat dog mentality
And every man or winen for themself.
Common sense dictates you help your community,
But we run away from common sense in pursuit of wealth.

So I understand those that escape with drugs
And run away from reality into illusion of sanity,
Because sometimes I feel I’m the only sane one left,
Though I know that in itself is just another form of modern vanity.


A universe is such a large thing, an almost endless expanse
All manner of wonders and miracles are brought to being
Stars that shoot across the sky, colourful milky ways
Wonders that cause laughter, smiles and a thousand feelings
Who could think that within all this beautiful chaos
There could be an era when her light would shine
A century of the existence where nothing else can compare
That like tonights sunset will eventually be lost in time
Allahs most wondrous and most beautiful sculpture
For like a bolt of lightning with a thousand volts she struck me
Paralysed by her eyes and I’m frozen like ice
For could there ever be anything in all creation as lovely
And she sits with her legs crossed on the chair
She laughs and her eyes light up like a chandelier
She leaves and I’m alone she’s no longer near me
But the thoughts of her however, will not disappear
And the cherry blossom blooms when she stands beside it
Its beauty withers when she leaves and cannot stand alone
Her lips call out silently to my heart without words
The feelings incomparable to anything that I have ever known
And I’m willing to protect and serve her like a knight
She is a queen of queens, a queen without a crown
She’s a peacock amongst Trafalgar squares pigeons
A Picasso amongst the grey buildings of London town
She is madness itself for such an illusion cannot be real

She is all of my being, she is all of my existence

She may be so far now in a desert spring but I can’t forget her

Every atom of existence cries for her no matter the distance
The universe centres around her smile
As do the tremors that shake me to my very core
So what else is there to do but to dream til my end
And become but dust happily upon her floor
The pain is ecstatic and the joy a burning
Like the sun and the moon became my all
Every thought is entwined with thoughts of her
And how her hair is like a jet black waterfall
When I dream of her it feels so real
And when I’m with her for real it feels like a dream
I tell myself I’m done promise myself to forget
But all attempts evaporate from me like rising steam
Like the big bang she smiled and a whole existence
Was brought to life like when a seed has split
And my heart is scattered all across her universe
She can keep every piece, every single little bit
As she walks towards me her huge smile smiling
The sun is like a spotlight shining down on her from above
The stars align a catwalk, the planets orbit her continuously
What is this duniya without such a love

Its Hard

It’s so hard to stay patient in love
When jealous paranoia engulfs your thoughts
And to then pretend to be carefree
To hide my insecurities and not be caught

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Am I?

Am I such a fool,
Who only sees what he wants to see?
Who dreams impossible dreams,
But makes them seem a possibility?
Am I just a hopeless romantic?
Who is hopeless in my love for you?
And if you are nothing but a dream
I don’t want to wake and break my heart in two.

But I must force myself to do so,
Like an alarm in the morning forces me awake,
I can’t afford to oversleep for life must go on
And if that is a life without you then that’s my fate
And you gave me every sign that I stand no chance
But I can’t see for love is blind, so very blind,
Even if I quit this endless and hopeless road,
My heart will still fool itself into believing you’ll be mine.

And so I’m trapped in this endless cycle,
Bouncing from ecstatic hope to tormented sadness
I wish I could tell what you are thinking
I think about it so much it drives me to madness
I hate that when I look in your eyes I can’t read them
I love that when I look in your eyes I can’t read them
My mysterious dream that is so far out of reach
But I choose denial over logic and I keep on believing

Suicide Bridge

She looked at the cars passing beneath her,
From ferraris to beat up ford escorts,
Passing down the hill from one world to the other,
Archway Road, a sea separating two different ports.

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